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  1. big bad ass F! well i saw a bunch of the crew on here so i thought id drop a post. what up yall? t to the s to the l. peace
  2. Pore moves losers!! fo sho!! that page is fuckin sick! big bad ass fi#k uno! slums. Thanks to every bencher out there givin me somethin to look at, keep flickin! peace
  3. EfDouble

    F R E E L I F E

    hello kids what is this???? mind your business!!! tsl losers crew bi@ch. og stink. hahaha
  4. anything posted by the boss....is always good shit. Not because the styles are dope, but because boss posted them. I love me some boss. can i fuck??? one
  5. wait!!! didnt see that Erupto! damn, shit is hot too. one
  6. that genes shit is the hottest shit in the thread!! fo sho!! kid knows what the fuck hes doin. one
  7. The Cawz music outta Sac what up man? Im in a hip hop group known as The Cawz and we are from Sac.....hit up our site and download some music....or purchase the Tracks album. www.thecawz.com hit it up! its hot shit. peace EfDouble
  8. is that what you write? If it is, youve dissed a few of our trains boyee!! but if not.....nevermind and my bad. peace
  9. Do any of you out there know anything about secret societies?? and if you do...What do you know. basically, who has the haps on secret societies in the United States? I dare you. haha
  10. that potato chip idea was fuckin dope!!!! hahaha. fuck yah. peace, oh and what makes you think im a young buck?? krook? i think i know you dog!
  11. Whatup yall? hit me back and give me some ideas that i just have to explore with my girl!! ha ha!! let me know yall. Oh and girls....dont be shy on this one....peace.
  12. those sites were fuckin crazy!! thanks a bunch peace
  13. ah word??? im a check that out! thanx buddy! you take care alright?? well ok then man....you have a nice day.
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