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  1. i lost the directions say sayno, hit me up godlike_tactiks@yahoo.com. i need info on the cool down.......
  2. my 2 cents say garms, i never known aos to be haters and shit. its a fuking shame that you and other aos krew members let wow give you all a bad name. i thought that aos was more krunk than that, but now..........yea im the one saying fuk all of yall:D . but when things cool down, wich could be never. ill get a hold of you sometime, so we can paint shit. peace. *PHONTwun*AI*
  3. :mexican: its me agian! yea well, now a few a you know where i come from when i say fuk wow and abos! on another note, ill have the shit i did today as well as alot more shit posted up soon. oh yea, let me tell you somthing wow. if i show up tommorow and you touched that wall, you'll be banned from the wall and get a ass kicking along with it. *PHONTone*AI*
  4. dont make me laph :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: you phuking dork! dont you know that ive been writing like 3 years more than your bitting ass! and what? you think your the only one working on shit? your wack ass crew's aint gonna handle what comes to you bitches. but im going to go ahead and let the wall speak for its self. and why would i want to stop phuking with you? its not like your any good for me to fear you, or anyone esle in abos. and hears a thought. when you paint it up, do it all by youself this time you toy! oh yea, hey wow after this im gonna show everyone what your shit looks l
  5. does it realy matter so........do you want me to kry or what? like it matters. say sayno, i talked to boke last week and he let me know what the deal was on the wall. so its going down on sat. are you gonna show up agian? let me know somthing. *PHONTwun* of the ai krew
  6. on my street? i dont even know what goes on on that side of town any more. on another note, im going to pick up some new flix today as well as those old flix. you know? the ones that show your *biter skillz*. haha...and i fuking told you wow, to stop e-mailing me faggot! *PHONTwun* oh yea, skale isnt new. you know him....
  7. i dont know if its hating or what, but it looks like quit a few writters have problems with abs. ive seen new shit around over abs? for example, the shit before studemont and i-10. thats recent.....some one fill me in.. *PHONTuno* of the ai kru
  8. say jawz, remember back in november around thanksgiving when i knew you as ????? let me clear things up. this took place in the city jail. well, i didnt see you at the robocop. but big props on your up's with dkop. lets paint some shit up. laterz *PHONTwun* of the AI kru
  9. bitter, hater, pencil sketcher say wow, i never touched your shit on the wall no matter how bad i wanted to beat your ass. but you and gzus want to write over my shit with pencil! see, now your just askin for it. im going to keep it strictly graff, but if i catch you at any wall. *light's out*. on another note. not that im concerned, but the cops are harrasing you know who. and they said two people got caught at "alter of sacrafice". hope it wasnt NV, whos gonna help you now? anyway, post up if you know who. *catch you later* *PHONTwu
  10. say wow, i think im going to post up some old flix next week.......let me take you back to memory lane...remember when you bit next's N when you were noks. and when you bit jade's E whenever you were rule. and now like always still riding nv's jock........oh yea and kow, man the list goes on. that might be the reason that you dont post any of (your) real shit. by the looks of (bitter up), you had too much help. i wonder if you were even there when it was painted. nv gets kredit for backgrounds, karacter, and even the outline it looks like. oh yea, if you want to hate on simple shit.....lo
  11. check it out hey garms, check out the inside of the warehouse on beltway 8 and i-10. kow, i mean wow should know where its at. tobi's shit is up there for wow. now you can can see the difference of my art when im sobber. enjoy! by the way i dont have beef, i just didnt have anything else to do that day. but now, my targets are set on someone else.
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