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  1. Fuck if this is what I miss, I should be down there with you. Big ups to all!
  2. panic

    Mr. ABC

    those little pricks surround my house seasonally.
  3. I was going to reply to this shit much earlier but i was too lazy to log on. But anywho, I shave in the shower without a mirror or cream, in all kinds of places and I have only nicked myself once. But then again I just started shaving today....
  4. your name should be like, AKA just bench well, the bench slayer(s?). or some shit. I used to love seeing rcade peices in the city.
  5. twice towr syze dazem onset cool!
  6. iweardoorags is all over myspace like a fat kid on a smarty, only he's not a fat kid.. and its not a smarty.
  7. Rest in Peace, I only met you once, but you were a stand up guy. I wish I had flicks of the train that we painted that day in Toronto. My condolances to his closest. You will be missed.
  8. I like the term "giving birth". Also see; "Im gunna go squeeze out some little shits"
  9. Sorry for the waist of space.
  10. dazem, onset, serb cant wait to paint tonight in said weather
  11. my homie traser the dread choppa
  12. "the bull gave me my redwings" or something like that Jesk Ident
  13. masterbation IS the cure.
  14. very cool coarse, I would love to drive it in RL. hahaha.
  15. this thread RULES its so long that by the time your done, YOUR HANGOVERS GONE YES!!
  16. When I was in montreal this year Dark Crystal came up on the tv, and it was the only english program I cared to watch. I saw like 30 minutes of it and my homies frate raper and snot rocket got all irate on that shit. The pupits are kinda cool from what I saw.
  17. i thought this might be about cars. you let me down.
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