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  1. Fuck if this is what I miss, I should be down there with you. Big ups to all!
  2. panic

    Mr. ABC

    those little pricks surround my house seasonally.
  3. I was going to reply to this shit much earlier but i was too lazy to log on. But anywho, I shave in the shower without a mirror or cream, in all kinds of places and I have only nicked myself once. But then again I just started shaving today....
  4. your name should be like, AKA just bench well, the bench slayer(s?). or some shit. I used to love seeing rcade peices in the city.
  5. twice towr syze dazem onset cool!
  6. iweardoorags is all over myspace like a fat kid on a smarty, only he's not a fat kid.. and its not a smarty.
  7. Rest in Peace, I only met you once, but you were a stand up guy. I wish I had flicks of the train that we painted that day in Toronto. My condolances to his closest. You will be missed.
  8. I like the term "giving birth". Also see; "Im gunna go squeeze out some little shits"
  9. Sorry for the waist of space.
  10. dazem, onset, serb cant wait to paint tonight in said weather
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