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  1. johnbull


    CENSORING how come you wankers at 12ounces of batty boy cum in all your mothers corn holes censor comments you dont like???? fuk your invalid sisters with a USA army boot in your yankee muthafukkkin butts...fukin american toys viva fidel and bin laden burn hollywood burn ....cock off!!!!!! evil cunts....this site is only hardcore on the london thread ...you batty boys gwan lie dead.....
  2. johnbull


    SHITSTEM LOVERS to all you people who love the usa...they killed all the indians and took america..the europeans gave birth to this.....usa is the muscle and the uk is the head of this evil octopus.... private property is stolen land and we can only live like this because most of the world lives in shit the usa will fall like the previous giant empires before it..romans..hitler etc... when some aliens finally land and fuk us ALL then remember your shity little country.....usa, uk, whatever. we are all earthlings but it will take something like that to make us realise that we are the same. when you think about the planets and solar systems its hard to take life seriously on any level on this small place... money and greed are the root of all evils and as for religeon....
  3. graff has reached all ends of the earth now but it is still nice to see trains that look different(the blue ones) and that layup looks nice and dead....by the way,nice graff
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