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  1. http://img54.photobucket.com/albums/v166/galaga/acre_esta_horn_boy_1.jpg'>:mexican:
  2. yes, i also heard that :lol: http://img54.photobucket.com/albums/v166/galaga/poo.jpg'>
  3. seatownkid

    DTC KYT!!!!!!!!!!

    this thread kicks ass:mexican:
  4. adek, puzl, flare, kill your tv... sheesh
  5. seatownkid

    whats YOUR favorite band?

    led zeppelin minus in through the out door.
  6. seatownkid

    How do you define a wigger?

    a wigger someone who constantly has to explain to their grandparents why his/her pants are so low.... that must be embarassing
  7. seatownkid

    im getting really into laserfloyd

    jesus, is that what those were? i had a friend who had a bunch of those and whenever we played them he would always tell me to keep it on the "dl". what a loser
  8. seatownkid

    im getting really into laserfloyd

    i havent heard anyone talk about the OG sega in years. I missed quite a few homework assignments thanks to that badboy :king: ...........man i'll bet neogeo was the shit...........................