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Ken Barlow

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  1. Ken Barlow

    George Best: 1946 - 2005

    Can't say it's much of a surprise, the guy hardly took care of himself. RIP
  2. Ken Barlow

    go fuck yourself from the bottom of my heart.

    Wow Tease! I've never EVER heard that before! You're a genius!!
  3. Ken Barlow

    The new Guttermouth.

    The new Rise Against is better.
  4. Ken Barlow

    Elementary School Middle School High School

    Yes......education is pointless :rolleyes:
  5. Ken Barlow


    Jesus look at his eye......
  6. Ken Barlow

    Post up your city.....

    http://www.firstpointhealthcare.com/images/br_shef02.jpg'> http://www.firstpointhealthcare.com/images/br_shef01.jpg'> http://www.shef.ac.uk/postcards/sheff/739-30.jpg'> http://www.ids.interchange.co.uk/sheffout.jpg'> http://www.sheffield-fm.co.uk/barkers_pool.jpg'> http://www.made-in-sheffield.com/Multimedia/LM-Images/lm-051.jpg'> http://www.anzowls.com/gallery/misc/hillsborough.jpg'> http://www.shef.ac.uk/uni/projects/shefcath/graphics/cathnite.jpg'> http://www.sheffield-fm.co.uk/ponds_forge_n_8206.jpg'> http://mercurio.iet.unipi.it/pix/gb/trams/Sheffield/UKSTram99.jpg'> http://www.sheffield-fm.co.uk/park_square.jpg'> http://www.ark-web.com/photos/shieffieldmues.jpg'> http://www.photography-imaging.co.uk/images/meadowhall.jpg'> :o
  7. Ken Barlow


    It's actually not that spectacular. There's maybe 3/4 songs that are good and the rest are, as beardo so eloquently said, eh. I would say download it before you buy it. I wish I had. Die hard fans only methinks.......
  8. Ken Barlow

    HOPESFALL = really fucking good.

    I saw them live with Snapcase and the Juliana Theory. Aside form Juliana Theory (who I walked out on), it was one of the best shows I had seen in a long time......
  9. Ken Barlow


    Hola. Mi nombre es Ken Barlow. Como te llama tu? Uh....mi nombre es Ken Barlow. Puedo ir il bano? Grade 10 Spanish. Suckers......
  10. Ken Barlow


    Sex music? Hmmm....it always made me want to shoot up heroin and space out on the floor..... Good stuff nonetheless.
  11. Ken Barlow

    i own you

    My god you are a fag.....
  12. Ken Barlow

    who are your favorite members?

    Ken Barlow. Nigga makes 12oz worth coming to...
  13. Ken Barlow

    some photos I found

    I have come to the conclusion that only ugly people use photo booths......
  14. Ken Barlow

    Goals of the Future

    Go out in a blaze of glory.....