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  1. so granted i have one in front of me mixed with whiskey... and it is remains readily available as of this moment.... IM GLAD 4LOKO IS DUST! DAMNIT!! IT IS TOO POWERFULL AND FUN! TOO AFFORDABLE! it makes people not want to go to bars or clubs, just drink folo in the alley with your crusty, trapmates. it's been a hell of a run with that shit, but come on! time for liquor store i guess. bunk.
  2. slugs best writer in seattle. WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR R U A MEMBER OF THE TALABAN?!?!?
  3. A MESSAGE TO THOSE ATTENDING/RESPONSIBLE FOR THE GRAFFITI "EVENT" THROWN YESTERDAY: your shindig was toy. you have no love for the life of vandalism. you are simply "urban style" artists, go paint a potted plant and make some $. you dont get up, never will. your bitches are portly (to say the least). you dont respect zeb. you are pathetic in the eyes of the respected. fuck you.
  4. that jeans throwie is amazing. everything else is pretty much immature. hella poop references. i miss u homie!
  5. http://www.policebrutality.info/2009/03/15-year-old-girl-brutally-beat-by-cops.html oh shit!
  6. ay kore you are hurting my flickr feelings dog. it must fully suck being you. so i aint even gonna hate. best of luck, faggot.
  7. holy shit!!! you sat down and wrote all that shit?!?! what a BITCH! Do you hit the porno before, or after you go on 12oz?
  8. he was starving so he went to old country buffet. now he writes full. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. seedr is the master. that was a nice little collection there. looks trippy when you're STONED
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