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  1. yous know there is porn sites on the net right? chill out on that boring, tiny jpeg of an ass you lames hahaha
  2. ^^dope flick you got a story behind that?
  3. from an international perspective... shout out to philly for being the most criminally underrated graffiti city on the planet. granted, i'm not the most knowledgeable cat around, but in my humble opinion there isn't a city on the entire planet that has anything even remotely comparable to the "philly" handstyles we've seen over the last few decades, so yeah - THANK GOD FOR PHILLY AND KEEP DOING YA THIDDANG MOTHERFUCKERS!
  4. yo a bit late, but they're not on the bowen homes in atl are they? sorry not from america
  5. dope post KARL ONE the roid, zeser and ceaze are ridiculous
  6. fuckin hell...just this page - revok sever trav roid etc etc.. these dudes are insanely good at graffiti..
  7. this thread is a brick of coke nekst>graffiti
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