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  1. Ø

    FlyID Familia

    feelin some of those clark joints
  2. these guys dont seem so good
  3. Ø

    Graff Girls

    best female writer hands down
  4. Ø

    terrible graffiti

    wow this thread is kinda funny
  5. Ø

    the nj bench

    pepe bites rime then goes over him... shits funny
  6. http://hyperphoto.photoloft.com/view/exportImage.asp?s=cano&i=10645883&w=640&h=480'> this piece has potential but its the best out of everything on this thread.. all the rest are lacking and looks like some easy freight styles.
  7. Ø

    Strickly espo

    those solid rollers are pretty smart
  8. Ø

    Wolfmans got nards.

    Much and Spel got style, feeling it.
  9. That Dizzigaf is very stylish, did Mber do that? If so thats probably the best thing I've ever seen from him.
  10. Your a big time toy and so is anyone else that thinks using a brush is cheating. Get a life and a clue. Indeed.
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