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  1. Ø

    FlyID Familia

    feelin some of those clark joints
  2. Ø

    RIME, segunda parte...

    dope shit from the DYM thread
  3. Ø

    the paint roller thread

    thats not demer wallnutts
  4. Ø


    these guys dont seem so good
  5. Ø

    Graff Girls

    best female writer hands down
  6. Ø

    terrible graffiti

    wow this thread is kinda funny
  7. Ø

    the nj bench

    pepe bites rime then goes over him... shits funny
  8. http://hyperphoto.photoloft.com/view/exportImage.asp?s=cano&i=10645883&w=640&h=480'> this piece has potential but its the best out of everything on this thread.. all the rest are lacking and looks like some easy freight styles.
  9. Ø

    Strickly espo

    those solid rollers are pretty smart
  10. Ø

    Wolfmans got nards.

    Much and Spel got style, feeling it.
  11. Ø

    they diss cos they cant paint like this

    100% trash.
  12. Ø

    The Black Heart Procession:

    That Dizzigaf is very stylish, did Mber do that? If so thats probably the best thing I've ever seen from him.
  13. Ø

    Atlanta ,GA.............

    Your a big time toy and so is anyone else that thinks using a brush is cheating. Get a life and a clue. Indeed.
  14. Ø

    iesha your the girl i used to know...

    Mind your business. Indeed.
  15. Ø

    These will make you wanna slap yo mamma!

    Pure trash. Indeed.