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  1. Is there any place for another character battle to go. If So let me get down, if not Don't worry about it. peace.
  2. the human langauge does not contain the proper words to express how hilariously stupid that statment was. You are a sad, sad little man.
  3. yeah this shit gives abstract art a bad name. I mean this sucks so bad. yeah and everywhere you are a fucking faggot for real.
  4. Pale216

    Character Post

    ok I don't know what the fuck happened to my post... But Yeah i don't know it was one of those weird angles. Think i looked at the picture to long. thanks for the feed back though.
  5. yeah that j5 shit is hot, Dropping sht in a text book, I'm bout to start doing that so the next kid who gets it finds a treat lol.
  6. yeah I met novel and his boy okey they were mad cool. naw he wrte novel, the piece was dope. saw one of his pieces in the clev thread awhile back go peep it.
  7. Pale216


    I got like 100 prismas atleast, but I planned on gettign all 144 but now some are drying up which sucks, so i need to re up seriously. i got a hard to buff and a molotow gold burner, a pilot, sakura super fine micron inking pens, various no name markers, need to cop a white gel pen for highlights been using a white colored pencil/white charcoal shit. I got a recently new book that has mabey 6 or 7 pieces in it, got mabey 6 paint sticks various random prisma color pencils, but thoser are really my moms. Oh and my mom just happened to bring home a dope ass silver sharpie, there fucking dope, No shaking nothign just nice smooth silver lines. i also got the grey ultra wide and wide markers. All i really want to focus on now is soem otr shit and some dope inferno or some shit. and prismas, and if i get a job Some fucking copics!!!. seeing hecz' shit makes me want to slowley buy more primsas and not use them till i got a hell of alot. peace.
  8. Pale216

    Character Post

    http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid77/pc0bee737e609a55adf0d204a6ea16609/fb366486.jpg'> This page I'm working on now, I'll prolly post when i'm finished wit the letters and coloring it. Oh and Bad Religion if you intrested in trader I'd be down, I really am feeling your new shit. Peace.
  9. I think that robots will kill guy painted a cnavas down here in cleveland for city expressions. i was gonna pant but it costed 20 whicvh i didn't have, good shit though.
  10. yeah that shit was ill as fuck. Cope 2 is the man, he dropped a throwie on my friends sling due to his arm being broke.
  11. Pale216

    Character Post

    yeah thats insane that they looked pass what it is and focused on minor things. i mean good lord some people will never be satisfied.
  12. I doubt I will finish it it was just a quick scribble.
  13. Virs your shit is getting a hell of alot better. Oh and sorry to hear that about your finger, but its a good sign when your still drawin. You should start a new book and in a year compare it with your older shit, bet you'll see a huge difference.
  14. That first sticker is mad dope, would you consider trading shit.
  15. first off who the fuck are you horton. Second off, hey faggot coin, yeah i tried to help you, I was simple saying biting is natural. But if you want it like that well then Your a faggot who got his name from a fucking video game writer. Your the worst piece of shit I have ever seen. Learn to fucking draw your perspective to the same place then come knock on my door.
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