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  1. Nice KOSE! Get Reefer Madness at: http://railsidefilmsonline.com/store_rm.php
  2. Very cool to see this thread still kicking around. I was posting on here in 2007 when we put out the Reefer Madness DVD. Love seeing all the new kids/styles on the reefers. Thanks for all the photos - brings back great memories. Get Reefer Madness at: http://railsidefilmsonline.com/store_rm.php
  3. http://www.railsidefilmsonline.com
  4. wow! nice cars. asic,gime,suite best pieces i have seen on deez cars. also 27 is dope. "is the baby blue ridged cold train... thats the next solid cold for sure" -27
  5. here's some more fatso and his friends haha, the jerkoff part is funny. yeah he pretty much jerked off on it. what a geek.
  6. oh shit, that sesh was fuckin tight. -gigs -fire, hybrid -dizer - that shit is rolling in the Reefer Madness movie. nice post!
  7. looking forward to seeing some other people posting some too. dont sleep on Reefer Madness
  8. Just noticed that the price of ReeferMadness dropped. Check it http://railsidefilmsonline.com
  9. Just noticed that the price of ReeferMadness dropped. Check it http://railsidefilmsonline.com
  10. go hop a train yourself and get some flix.
  11. yo, All Nation magazine is the shit! It aint all fr8's but definetely a huge chunk of fr8's for sure. Cop that new Reefer Madness video homie - lotsa cold steel in that shit. http://www.railsidefilmsonline.com
  12. Peurto Rico chupacabra Peurto Rico chupacabra
  13. haha, got no idea but it was fuckin funny as hell... mutherfucker is good at what he does (talkin a accent and paintin that shit!)
  14. it was cool to see the kuma when i saw the movie but my first thought was... shit, the location / set muthafuckas aint makin the movie look like it was the 70's.... haha, but thats a writer talkin and i bet all the other fucks in the theater didnt even notice that... on a side note, Josh Brolin from the goonies and Thrashin is rippin it up in the movies these days. Go homeboy! Badass!
  15. nah, i wont get a job there. they dont like me.... Spek hittin tags in 08 What! Lets see some spek reefers more in reefer madness thread
  16. NYC fr8s: -Hace, Glue, Kuma, Dego. Glue always seems to have some crazy color schemes. I love it... Thanks for the whole car sesh too.
  17. some more visual frozen pizzas
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