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  1. nope i dont. that crew is a bunch of drama loveing faggots. adikt jekls Trains Get Murdered!
  2. this ones for asic you cant fight your own battles.i..................i..........i smell a pussy. you've seen me you say. Well find me now! and lets settle some issues. fuck your hit list (i kill threats) sighn me up for that shit. hope your freights never role through cali. your freights will never leave the city untouched. theyll get layed up at point a, you do your thing and, ill be waiting at point b a ready to cap away. like i said i know when you paint and where you paint. and that is not a threat, yes yes its a promise. if your gonna do something hurry up and do it. otherwise squash it. I got freights to kill.
  3. Im talking to emo andy and him only. Are you saying your gonna take my life! well then go right ahead, youll just be doing me a favor. I aint given you or any one else shit. I live with my mom andi rack my paint and i don't have a job and dont put in triple the motherfucking work that you do when it comes to painting freghits? I take it you've never been capped befor. well welcome to graff son. if you cant handle the game, retire. But don't you ever threaten me agin. give you paint. hahahahahahahahahahlollollollolhahahahahahaha. SHUTUP! I bet you think your a thug ass nigga when you talk behind your computer, but wait till we meet. soft ass motherfucken pussy. one train is your life. you fucking lame ass. lets meet real soon. (alone)
  4. Im done Im sick and tired of all these cats getting involved. ive had who knows how many motherfuckers saying shit, and weren't even up on the line (instagateing). ive said sorry twice now and never wanted to do so in the first place. I got capped,and didnt get any flix. so someone was going to pay. those two were the ones at fault, snafu and jail. Unless your telling me none of you cats saw snafu or jail that night painting the shit they did, then all of you could have said something. your right, I shouldnt have taken it out on everyone. so sorry (3 times) No more shit talking. you think your gonna just find me and im gonna let you beat my ass. yeah right. you don't know me or what im capable of. I DONT GIVE A FUCK about how scarey you think you are, because ive GARUNTEED ive seen alot scarier. If you still got beef eat it up any way you need to. but if you really want to fuck me up that bad over one motherfuckin train,then i'd hate to HEAR what your going to want to do to me after we fight. what the fuck is fighting going to solve. nothing.youll still have one piece with my name on it, and then just many more to become mine. So get over this shit and go paint more trains.
  5. never will i kiss anyones ass(real apology). you dont make rules for graff son. I battle, to squash beef, not fight. and there are different ways of batteling sir. ups onespot best styles throw up for throw up (which is gay)
  6. yeah sure its actually 2 on one handled how i felt said sorry done deal
  7. i lied just a few more words anyone got anything to get off there chest. and want to sayit in person catch me a bboy summitt.
  8. you travled 2 days to paint some weak little layup. what happen to the yards with hundreds of cars. those are everywhere. im out tryin to king shit, paint all day everyday. I travled all the way from orange county cali aginst my will. I dont need no mother fucking weekend worriors slowin down my progress. seems to me like a big mis understanding. like i already said to everyone who was on that line SORRY. if your hearts broken about one freight then hold all the grudges you need to. But i will do it agin if fools wanna come and paint with hate on there fingers. no more words to be said. P.S. sorry boss for the episode of DAYS OF OUR LIVES on your thread
  9. so in other words your a tag banger you guy's had nothing to do with the boy? then why are you guy's getting him up with around your pecies. Besides i seen the i5 bombs with asic snafu and so on. Asic was up on that line as well as snafu, and snafu even had jail tags around his peice. So that told me he was there with them. snafu puts up fish right, and there was a stupid flounder on top of my shit, right next to jails letts. So that told me he was there with them. and as far as i was concerned all of yall were boy's with snafu. Thats why i said thank your boy If i hurt anyones feelings by capping One freghit then SORRY! now you say this is much more than graff and you want to fight. well fuck that. this was started over graff it ends with graff. if you want to fight just for fun then im down, but graff is nothing to fight over. Is there no such thing as battleing anymore?(damn gangster rap) Besides you dont know me. no one does im fucking zorro. I can be as small as jet lee or as big as d bo. so dont talk head unless you know what your in for. Or do you got homies to help you out. me I stroll solo, and dont give a fuck about you or this world. So do what you feel you need to do.
  10. skate park me never. and no self promotion here son, im come'n live and direct.
  11. listen here buddy from a graff point of view, don't ever try to school me up on shit! All you cats bombed as a group you pay as a group. I aint down for beef but ill eat that shit up real quick. I did it to make a statement and ha. Its oubviously working. I left four trains open and your boy had to got over that one side. I know when you cats bomb. im respectful and leave you trains. but your boy showed no respect and you cats didnt tell him whats up. Dont you ever think im trying to apologize. I'm just letting you know whats crackin. and fuck all your lovenotes and shit! I havent went over anyones trains scence that day. Like I said only to make a statement. careless enough not to speak up, careless enough to cap every motherfucker with him. Im ready to squash any beef that exist. like i said im a nice guy. get at me
  12. keep your boys in check had beef with no one and then all of a sudden cats start cappin half cars with weak shit. that was their boy keep him in check. im a nice guy i dont want beef.
  13. jekls

    Yard Safety

    never get under a fr8 for any reason what about hideing from helicopters that pass over every once in a while. Or if you got the cops called and they are spotlighting you from above? (just a question)
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