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  1. oldenglish

    Racism in Frisco

    ey fool........i gotta hit the clubs for the first time soon!!! gov'ment checks is comin......wanna help me spend one?
  2. oldenglish

    tease doesnt seem so bad with oldenglish around

    if you cant understand me your a fucking idiot. shit. besides that. I have written illegal graffiti for the better part of my life. I started tagging in saudi arabia around thirdgrade which is 1987. In Nineteen Nintey Two......I was put Down with the Societys Sickest Killers Defacing MotherLand America. Further Went on to Crazy White Boy Style and chilled steady with OdeOne from the Dream Time Voyage Downtown Vandals. Flower Motherfucking One Bitch. I got a Rossi bottle for your crown and will laugh as the blood clouds your eyes. Do not fuck with me.
  3. oldenglish

    Racism in Frisco

    Wow. The prejiduce problem I have with San Francisco....... is some motherfuckers think they are hard soley cause they were born and raised in a tiny city they dont leave enough. But like i said.....im nothing but trouble.
  4. oldenglish

    Racism in Frisco

    I must admit that I have nothing but love for the randmon violence I would love to distributre.
  5. oldenglish

    Racism in Frisco

    riding shot gun while releasing 22oz projectiles sounds like the time of a life. my sincere regrets on missing your visit. im trouble anyway.
  6. oldenglish

    Racism in Frisco

    oops......misspell. that was drive around the city with Esai throwin old english bottles at young rich white ignorance. yup.....thats what i wanna do.
  7. oldenglish

    Racism in Frisco

    my father lived on Van Ness and Sacramento in the seventys. heh.... needless to say i love to serrate nerves. i dont know what my problem is. I swear though.........I would have the time of my life driving around that city with Esai throwing empty fortys and young rich white kids. I recall the store im not allowed in. Also for all the San Francisco People I have met through this board........ i apologize for my disrespect to your city.
  8. oldenglish

    Racism in Frisco

    fine.....San Francisco is what i will speak..... but please.......tell the ignorant cracker bitches that have not paid enough dues to chill. who am i to talk right? Its beauftifull city that i love but the ignorance of people born post 1980 has severely irratated me. peace.
  9. oldenglish

    Racism in Frisco

    proper respect to you and your family. hah. i talked mad on sfc last night.....sall love though.
  10. oldenglish


    im paying attention the warning. like id hurt someone......................how many times you gotta hear soft butter cup loving? yeah...............san francisco just gets on my nerves..........i wont kick the shelf ever. much love to all san franciscans.
  11. yeah......i know. ask seeking.....he'll tell you all about it. naw man......i was drankin last night/this morning....talking about walking the streets witha pizza cutter to take a life and sharpening it on light poles. im evil. but really just a nice guy. peace.
  12. i been wanting my name on that wall since i was 14. i say sneak starts raising funds for his plane ticket out.
  13. oh hell yes. i need some beach action. when where what beach vinyl? please say bay area?
  14. oldenglish

    Best Shoes For the Yard

    go to a local retailor and purchase some generic boots in your size and wear extra socks. youll go through them......but they should cost under a 20.