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  1. A few clubs in melbourne are selling porn material in vending machines & sex toys etc hand cuffs vibrators all ud need for a bitch in a club cubical.
  2. Had to bump this,its all about sabortage beasty boys.
  3. Re: Random Aussie Post http://img74.photobucket.com/albums/v224/redneckasshole/Okiesyellodoor.jpg'> Okies, Brisbane http://www.melbournegraffiti.com/trains/images/65_jpg.jpg'> Okies, Melbourne True,but loco if you got anything to rival this show us the goods the challenge has been thrown down mate ;)
  4. Yo tesseract whats your opinon on the drugs scandle now olympics are over??
  5. Drunk as fuk playing strip poker with some girls & a mate i was dealing & passing royal flushs to my bro which ended up with the girl next 2 me taken off her top.She was kinda built for comfort & was askn why we werent looking at her...."coz ur titties look like lemons in a sock".
  6. Does any body have any SEND KFA from australia he was down late last year?Askew possibly.....cheers.
  7. True that.Will be saying the same thing after the tri nations rugby final this weekend!Score board!!!!!
  8. Mr abc did u catch the 4x200m relay we missed gold by .14sec to the U.S fuck that.Leaveing to much up to thorpe again.Hey tesseract just seen ur suspicious athletes have "withdrawn" whats the deal?
  9. Hey tesseract whats the deal with the two greek sprinters cover up styles stageing a motor cycle crash 5 hours after not turning up for a drugs test who gives a friend a ride on a road bike the night before an opening cermony at 3am anyway??Guilty or innocent?
  10. http://www.abc.net.au/news/olympics/graphics/ian-thorpe-pro.jpg'> "jaws aint shit. you're all fucked!" [/b] Great post.Thorpe is gonna clean up!Fuck phelps from the U.S 8 gold's no chance. Loseing to puerto rico hahaah thats gotta hurt.
  11. Are we talkn about the same spot NC?You know u dont want any mate.
  12. Pegusis:True to the art. "Shocking pussy's like dirk digglers dick length"
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