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    jemis that shit is well i am quite feeling see you cats later, what ever the hell place that is in. all city on a soma holiday, panty raid born with out a face, off to the factory line 25 years of schooling and they put you on the day shift
  2. yeah and just up for fua... zone range, and my ole man kool k is jober tnc-still round that crazy nigga rocking ski goggles, and hippy hair.
  3. indeed as somebody who saw this cat come up, and work alot it truely is a shame to watch the younger ones go anyone, go, from bethel with love to respective friends and family whom are feeling greif 138 aka carcrash aka the next connection aka connecticut state toy if somebody knows of the memorial service or to whom to send flowers please post
  4. 138


    Rate, as in the price to pay, i find most of the letters to win, that lill joint about fades purple pink, all grapiced and designer ever heard of eric wells that kid gets up, just playing this guy can drink. upsate kuwait a minute, ciao amici fader, faded out
  5. 138


    was thinking bout good writers who are gone tenor saw some egons, and seus... i know thats the city, but in all saw these too http://www.graffiti.org/ups/flix/images/mq_tie.jpg'> http://www.monkeyview.net/id/357/graffiti_3/TIE.jpg'>
  6. ban this like powell that was this, to, then, falcon my snowman.... gper vert pest mask amok, and any way on my way to bridgeport i saw sick highway spots 195er who is on with those in csteam i thought serk was kd anyway who is hue and job sa,core2,target, yum
  7. rad man a stan black like my grandfather holy shit kill abraham colors, pac man steven spielburg aint as life altering as yall german stazi niggas das is da hammer
  8. jedi mind tricks fuck new years i am on some on some grudge wars jedi five, ok jedi one bel jeck and envys friend get out of here
  9. cil one i havent heard from you in a while, good to hear -you are not so over in ..... or are you any way its been awhile, cil one tnc like yep and sometimes i paint vivid letters, just finding some ole friends you silly geese zineism-if its not zine 40t, then you dated his sister, word, and for all yall, i heard the story the right way, aint no two timing zine just dual tagging. and holy shit i remember ez, i just did, still got stuff stuck on a water supplty shack cross county, keep it up, way up, zine gave me naked pills one night, word
  10. i took your mom to prom mah beeeitch
  11. candy sez that billboard off the first page, i wouldnt climb it after you and zine i let bet and erb and i think cil , i chilled drank rum and hit all the little things people dont remember but lay still to today. i would hate to miss the train but truck driven, take care man hope all is well with you, its been awhile...though ran into p.w. over some wine said hello. a year or so ago, he said he wasnt drawing but seen that ill ass damn burry me shit brook front lawns, and soon to do with pedro's hammer csteam vs pib fan club vs the natives clandestine
  12. damn berry that face haunted little portuguese grandmason sunday bloody sunday when the bride of chuckie slays mother fuckers. word sheeped
  13. too many floods and funerals get at my parlor, iced cream and coffees zine r.i.p and not the zine who dated his sister
  14. pedro hammers you dick i thought it was you with a modest rat voice track. i stopped at your house and shot your dad with a bottle rocket. me and larry word going out with vert and serk fucking liars, and my lady. flipp'n mexicans and food for me black 138
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