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  1. BAEZ is heated.. Always had a nice hand... Wasnt someone writtine FAEZ too??
  2. DLS was ill.. Where is the rest of them cats.. MAN ME XEO SV OE DK wasnt SOBER DLS too... They made my trips to SP worth while.. ALong wit LOUROCK!! Holla the 549er!
  4. F-> No one does the one letter better, thats true and gets praise but these F->s leave cats upset like bringin home a bad grade! What up my nigg!!!
  5. Birthday shot out . Since thats what cats are doing...Hes 25 years deep today holla.. Klub 549
  6. It seems like both LETs write the same.. Check NIGHTCRAWLA.COM for flicks of the wp SAE..
  7. The wild thing about that is its a LET from west philly I believe A SAE also from west.. SAE/SANTANA/SAN. Other than that. NAMES like DANE HEAT shouldnt be duplicated.. You O.Gs. from NEP shouldnt allow that.Cats see 12oz and everyone whos up on that site and believe thats all there is to it. NEGITIVE!!! Maybe PHILLY graff history should be a MAJOR!!!!
  8. Klub International Wallwriters Est. 1979.
  9. There are some ill blow ups on these tracks.. Except the one right to the left of this!!
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