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  1. yo sey...let me know whats up with painting witgh you people......damn i got cans going to waste
  2. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00313697f00000026.jpg'>
  3. fuck the flicks then lets all post hoes
  4. ah hahahhahahahahaha.........you fcuking like r&b or what.....hes a bitch
  5. i got some tribal sun face shit....ill post it up once i get my digi cam back
  6. yo color ima come get my next tat at scorpions...my home talked me into going to some ghetto shop.....o well fuck it .....saving up the $$$.....let me know whats up with painting to....
  7. ey yo color ill be by scorpions pretty soon.....like the work
  8. Re: good people... maybe a graff tat...iduno somthing ....ummmm let me know
  9. BLAH BLAH BLAH ALL TALK....who cares...................
  11. Re: check it out hey buddy....well get flicks and post em up....ill go check it out if i have time but im a busy guy.....so try posting up....ill tell wow....o yeah who is the beef with...if its with anyone in aos its with me still....so see ya laters....mi amigo.....;)
  12. Houston's most prolific 'taggers' off the street 04/15/2003 By Jeff McShan / 11 News Houston police say getting two people off the street may make a visible difference. They say you can see their work around town and it’s costing you a lot of money. Investigators are talking about the war on graffiti. Dozens of Houston’s illegal artists, those that tag our city with graffiti, are now displaying their work on the internet. They include graffiti artists like .............. and ............., young men in their 20s. “People call us all the time and complain,” says Lieutenant Tom Roman of the Houston Police Department. “The most serious incident I can think of cost the guy $18,000 to abate his water tower.” Lt. Roman says .............. and ............. were two of Houston’s biggest taggers. They’re calling card is “R-T-L” which stands for “refuse to lose.” Both were picked up last week, allegedly caught in the act with a fire extinguisher filled with paint. Both have been charged. Lieutenant Roman says, “'cause they had modified a fire extinguisher to commit the act, that was possession of a criminal instrument; and that is a state jail felony. However, if they had just used a spray can, we would not have been able to charge them with that.” Roman says graffiti artists in this city cost taxpayers quite a bit of money and it’s a huge problem. “We started looking at the individual act and putting that together in total number in the central district,” Roman says. “(That) is just a small portion of the Inner Loop that we handle. We had 236 incidences reported to us.” And each incident, he says, takes an average of $1,000 dollars just to clean up. Citywide, authorities say, the city loses an estimated $1 million a year because of these illegal artists. They are artists that are so proud of their work, they're even showing it off on the World Wide Web. anyone see this??????
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