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  1. Drive down to Vegas will have to be done - no alcohol, ouch! One last question, is Orem any good for shopping - Nike/Adidas shoes and also clothes shops? SLC again the place to go? Thanks DT
  2. Thanks for info - sounds like SLC is the place to check out. 10 days in Orem, sounds like it could drag a little. Going for wedding - very religious family by the sound of it.
  3. Going to be coming across the pond later in the year to spend some time in the Salt Lake City area (Orem). Just wondering if there is much of a scene there - i've searched 12oz/net and come up with very little. Any hall of fames, freight based scene?? Any info greatfully recieved - welcome to email me through my profile. Many Thanks D T
  4. Probably got a few about. mostly from that hall of fame with the low wall and the blocks on top - begins with B? belgrave? could be wrong. was in lesta last night - the walkers stadium is better than filbert street, no coins hitting the dividing fence on the old terrace. Dont ask me why i was there, watching your youth team play away (or at home) could be considered sad in some quarters! p.s: you lost.
  5. nice flics. That rebels piece by East side rebels? artism?. Always liked their stuff. is that pile of old carriages (scrapyard) still in Leicester? had a few pieces on them as far as i remember.
  6. Serg - i agree leave it in uk wall flix or on my travels. Kids eh.tchhhh.
  7. Nice updates fotofixface - recognise that station, unless all Dublin stations look the same?! nice atmospheric last shot too..
  8. I was wondering the same thing.............:confused: :mad:
  9. It's a copy of many of Romes and others photos that is lost - not many Kast i'm afraid (couple that have been on here) but lots of Robbo, Coad, Fuel, Rel, Rome,etc. Lost for good i fear. It would be good to get hold of the flics that were in Londons burning - lots of classic stuff by Kast, Foam, etc in that.
  10. I presume Trubs as in Troubled children (TRC). Skore rockin for years.
  11. Awaiting autopsy results. He'd had problems in his life. He & dine always had a BRF (Piz & Bich with a bit of Sye thrown in ) influence on there early work especially. Good handstyles and throws too.
  12. Rest in Peace Stan A prolific bomber on all surfaces. Cheekie Che BMS TLD HR gone but not forgotten.
  13. TNF kings of public houses in the cambs/beds/herts area... Whens the TNF toilets book out Sofa? Cant wait to see pics of ozek in a cubicle. Look at that floater - end to end urinal...cant wait...full colour.....yeah. :yum:
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