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  1. cre

    perth city

    R.I.P Watarush you almost made a 10 year anniversery but regardless you had a good run.
  2. cre

    Religion and Graffiti

    Religion and graffiti go together about as well as religion and intelligence
  3. As such we have as usual a run of the mill example of the U.S as a terrorist state R.I.P somalian peasants
  4. Meanwhile... 4% piss shit and vomit inside the train 90% VIOLENT CRIME That is one awesome government you guys have
  5. U.S government needs to give the tick of approval to all works of science before they are published in journals? welcome to orwel country
  6. Yes how stupid of us to recognize inargueabley the biggest genocide in human history stemming from British imperialsim :rolleyes: Obviously it was just anti-terrorism guys!
  7. Its fairly telling of the U.S education system that some of you guys think the U.S is a democracy or was ever setup to be a democracy. =/
  8. Some amusing things regarding this topic include Nuclear bombs now weigh less than 15kg or 33lb and can fit into backpacks. The majority of the worlds items are transported in shipping containers almost all of which go unchecked into the U.S. The northern boarder between the U.S and Canada is virtually unguarded. If you want people to stop bombing you there is a very simple solution, dont bomb them first, ecomically exploit them, support their puppet governments, instate their puppet governments and stop giving hundreds of billions of dollars to Israel. OR Just attempt futile measures that will only annoy graffiti writers while pretending to make the nation secure.
  9. cre

    perth city

    well kalm and gwiz pretty easily won that
  10. haha dope! I will now call things that are fake or try hard new york, international sounding.
  11. cre

    perth city

    Trains? perth? you are too optimistic FA
  12. Its funny how all the brits on 12oz are toys and bitter has beens who bitch about people from other countries stamping all over their shit. Keep siting on 12oz wanking your dicks to all these photos you supposedly "dont send to mags" so you can claim to keep it real while fucking your grannies arse. The real panel writers in london, british or australian crush shit while you cry to each other. No one fucking cares idiots, none of you on 12oz represent the real underground scene.
  13. What is "inspired" ? the S? because it has a dip in the top? If cunts are doing similar shit its probably because they are over in other countries bombing trains in similar circles and being inspired by one another, unlike sitting on the internet picking out flaws in other cunts work
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