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  1. ery wasup dood nigga hurt grimesauce dank trees blazzed nigga whooo
  2. Poor guy got played over a damn piece of ass. Bloodsucking females out to milk everyone :hatred:
  3. I recently missed a murse concert which Im still kickin my own ass about.:tongue:
  4. Rest in Power, pimpin.:scowl:
  5. You could stop smokin the dank. But who would take you seriously then?
  6. I totally agree with you man. I used to know this one cat named Mike Moll, who was fuckin ballin and drivin hella fixed up cars and had a decent life with good family and friends. He made the decision to do meth, and he eventually got hooked on it. I seen him at a party a month before he died, and he looked a whole lot skinnier than before, you could actually see his cheek bones n shit. To support his drug habit, he eventually began stealing cars and doing other hot shit like getting a pound of meth fronted to him and skiping out on the dealers money. So now he had a group of gangsters from the point who were gonna kill him (along with the people who he had beef with from before) and it was obvious that the line between "getting by" and "sanity" had been blurred. Then one day i was driving to pick up my girlfriend from her school, and I heard gunshots. I had later found out that mike moll had stolen an undercover cops hatchback while he was high on meth and they had pulled him over. He had tried to pull out and evade the police, but he ended up sandwiching a rookie cop against another car, who panicked and shot him 5 times point blank. Meth is some scary shit. It changes your personality, and blurres your perceptions. I mean if it some fucken doper on the sidewalk, I could care less, but when someone you know gets killed in such a way, it opens your eyes up to the harsh reality of life.:twitch:
  7. .sE.

    crazy in love

    Thank you chore, that last pic showing Beyonce's ass just made my day. No, seriously I can already feel my hangover drifting away. :)
  8. I hate dumb broads with low self esteem. They cant give me an educated intellectual conversation. Its like what the fuck are they good for? Besides fuckin. Used to know this one bitch in high school that i messed around with for a while. She was koo as hell and then she started joccckkkin this Jcat. Then all i would hear from her would be either about that faggot Jcat, how she was "ugly", and how her life sucked. She attempted to cut her wrists a couple times, and it scared me. To yall who are looking for a productive relationship i have some advice that may help. Date older chicks. Im 18, my girl is 19, and shes been through a lot. Shes traveled worldwide by herself, away from her family, and currently lives with a host family. She gives me motivation to do productive stuff, shes koo with my fam, and she doesnt give me the pointless BS that i had to deal with in my previous relationships. SURE, we fight every once in a while, but its no big deal. Date older chicks. They are chill as fuck, as well as a good fuck. ;)
  9. Get a used car and flip the bitch out!! Personally id go with an import: -Nissan 240sx -Toyota Supra -Mazda Rx-7 -Subaru WRX 30,000 should be more than sufficient for any of those cars, even the WRX which would be a brand new car. I would choose the 240 or the Supra and go crazy buying/installing aftermarket parts. For 30 g'z youd be smokin most of those corvettes, porches, etc..thats worth it. If i was to go with a DOMESTIC: -67 mustang -89 mustang 5.0 -IROC camaro -old school chevelle coupe Even though paying for gas would b a pain in the rectum, Id die to have a classic car with a big block engine in it. Or a soooopercharger!!!hAahAHa:lol:
  10. miniature chihuahuas seem to be blowin up around downtown Tokyo, and in Japan in general. Every time I go into a dept store that had one it was surrounded by a crowd of females. MOst of dem were foOine too. Made me wanna buy one of those damn things.
  11. .sE.

    Energy Drinks

    i down a ROCKSTAR and im ready for work.
  12. .sE.

    Graff Quotes

    " i come off like a velcro prom dress" Its on a sacer freight...mayb not sacer but it was a member of irak.
  13. a while back me n my boys were gettn crunked as fuck in this movie theatre, and when we was walkin out my tall as homey smacks into the big glass window. He proceeded to stumble out through the door in a confused state of mind while his pants fell down to his ankles cause he had no belt on. I laughed so hard i was tearing...:loopy2:
  14. -in middle school my friend was by the cafeteria line and he was swingin this taco bell burrito(in its wrapper), and all of a sudden i hear a loud POP! noise. I turn to see this chick(our classmate) with bean and rice all over her dome and my homey takin off FULLSPEED.:lol:
  15. oh yea INER get off skrags N.U.T.S......SekS
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