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  1. This shit is funny as Hell!!!!
  2. Articles like this make me thank god that I have never spent time in jail.
  3. fabled

    INDY 500

    Okay now I gotta stick up for my boy. If you only knew Drat ya'll would learn a thing or two...he's been doin his thing for seven years now and he is the type of person who takes anyone under his wing. His pieces may look simple now but they are just bombs. He's trying to get his name out there. He's painted some really tight ass pieces and he got no recognition. He's everywhere now and that's what he wants. Dieslo pissed me off when he painted over Drat's stuff at American tent cause Drat had no beef with you what so ever. I think all this petty shit just needs to end now. There is no reason for it. I know Bundy feels me on this one.
  4. fabled

    4 words

    SteveAustin you in Indy?
  5. My worst experience was with a one pump chump and he actually believed he was so good that the earth shook
  6. fabled

    4 words

    Oh good god! Pabst!
  7. my three friends just helped me moved and they stopped complaining only after they found that I was buying each of them a case of beer, dinner, and giving them each 20 bucks.
  8. recently we have been rolling to Lil John and the Eastside boyz, and my roomies have just played out 50 cent....The new Three Doors Down CD isn't a bad CD. Anything with a lot of bass is good for me.
  9. fabled

    4 words

    Want one? I'll buy....
  10. fabled

    4 words

    I need a drink...
  11. my roommate cracks me up not only can he get away with everything, but he can talk anybody into anything. Case in point he has what he calls his "Ass Cam" and on this camera are so far 6 different random women stripping on it and he just bought the damn thing yesterday.
  12. I think that when you go to a club or bar you should be able to smoke....what are they going to ban next in bars? drinking? I think the whole thing is stupid and people should just go out and have a good time regardless
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