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son of BOH

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  1. syze, your gay, nobody gives a fuck about you or what you want to see....your like a goddamn cheerleader, yeah dave, yeah... kill yourself
  2. the yards are yours eh? wigger, who's gonna be the muscle behind this? you? the same guy who got beat up by a yuppie lesbian in canton. looks like some fools never learn till it hits em hard.
  3. murder inc, im down to meet up with you, just bring lots of paint, a good camera, and your girl too!!
  4. yeah sf people do bomb the streets in balto, theres some bombing flix in there. but a lot of these net geeks just want to do legals. its pretty gay if you ask me. there are sites out there with baltimore bombing flix
  5. nah whodie your all wrong, congress past a new act today. mandatory 20 years in jail and $50,000 fine. word is bond kid. i stopped painting trains, spread the word, nobody paint trains anymore. 20 years son. fo sho!
  6. i think faces are gay, if you do some characters inside your piece our in the backgrounds, thats cool. but if your just doing them in the middle of knowhere, you might as well be elton john
  7. man, that girl just gets worse and worse, you'd think she would have gotten better by now
  8. for those of you who care, there is a new movie out, it was inspired by the life and times of shutemdown, its called Malibu's Most Wanted, go check it out yall, straight hip-hop to the dome!
  9. oh, and what the fuck is McCormicks?
  10. country club? i dont know what I am talking about? your the one from the land of country clubs son. crying, ha, theres no crying in graff. you see coward from howard, respect is earned, you get none. nada, sorry.
  11. shutmdown, i know who allcountry is, i know everything, remember? oh yeah, you were trying to bust on me cuz of where i went to high school before, and i forgot, two members of your own crew went there...one is a bartender in canton. just to give you something to think about when your suckin dick.
  12. whats up RJ? havent talked to you in a while, how you been?
  13. coward from howard, you moved to baltimore city cuz you thought then black people would respect you as a rapper, and guess what, they think your gay, and so does everyone else, just another dumb wigger from howad county. lemme guess, your driving your boys in your crew around to go racking, and you drive them to spots, its funny how they always find somebody with a car to use, i cant wait till they rob you and then try to fuck you. then youll be the next to drop that crew.. as for that white trash fool with the curly hair from mp, its cool that he is painting again, i mean i know its hard for him to find the time to go paint. i know he is busy with cashing his moms welfare checks and trimming his step dads mullet. but could he be a lil more constructive? i guess somebody got to him. till next time....
  14. hey ketchup, you ever go to that hacker convention in philly you were talking about?
  15. son of BOH

    INDY 500

    theres graffiti in indianapolis? get the fuck outta here? where the hell is indianapolis anyways
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