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  1. Tight...I can't believe it took me this long to finally look at this thread.
  2. $275 for one day... fuck that. I will take the Geo Metro option.
  3. where did this thread come from? Damn...jan. 2002
  4. did any one tell him he might have to pay more?:lol:
  5. I don't really know any of his songs. But I heard his daughter was prostituting for crack.
  6. I have found a few places that will rent one to you even if you are not 25 yet. The only down fall to it is that they charge you more for the rental.
  7. JimmieWalker


    Never even tried it and probably never will.
  8. people seem to think it is funny when they ask where I'm from and I reply...My daddys dick.
  9. Re: Re: TOP 4 fuck I don't even know. It is on a cd of theres I have had for almost 10 years now.
  10. TOP 4 Minor threat-betray Sick of it all- scratch the surface Metallica- master of puppets Iron maiden- run to the hills
  11. Thanks, I knew it ment something like that. What a stupid name. Hello my name is carne asada
  12. Duce Five Nibba! oh yeah there are like three threads on this all ready.
  13. My cousin has a friend named carnitas. Doesn't that mean little meat or some thing?
  14. JimmieWalker


    I thought this was an X files thread.
  15. erupto huh....Never heard of him. Syke
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