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  1. chill thread........ madd props to SA
  2. guido


    this just made me geek for like 3 min.......... neck face is chill tho:twitch:
  3. all this shit is wack hawaii graff is wack i was there for 2 weeks and it sucked you all suck i hope you gooks die
  4. eazy e 9788- this kids a douche that claims to be all ghetto and such douncer38- this is a kid that sucks at life and deserves a kick to the grundle grand champ douche- codonnell44
  5. guido


    you suck get a day job
  6. guido

    osaka japan

    bump for SF crew
  7. TEMPLE FLICKS http://www.artinruins.com/arch/decay/mason/20.jpg'> http://www.artinruins.com/arch/decay/mason/02.jpg'> http://www.artinruins.com/arch/decay/mason/07.jpg'> http://www.artinruins.com/arch/decay/mason/08.jpg'> http://www.artinruins.com/arch/decay/mason/11.jpg'> http://www.artinruins.com/arch/decay/mason/14.jpg'> http://www.artinruins.com/arch/decay/mason/17.jpg'> GOD DAYUM I WISH I COULD PAINT THERE TOO HOTT NOWADAYS THO:(
  8. guido

    Kem 5

    that blue kem piece is off the chain
  9. guido

    Tools of the trade

    Re: Our crews montana stash.. OOPS, DONT STEP IN THE BULL SHIT!!!!
  10. that shitfuck handstyle is not ta be fucked with
  11. 3 months cause all i did was smoke weed
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