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  1. http://www.absenceofdesign.com/graff/aesop1.jpg'> :mexican:
  2. god damn GOT, that shit is illistic nice work MaKeItHaPpEn
  3. nice, i like the first one , its hot
  4. its not like everyone is just writing his name, i, for one, battled with him so he did mine and i did his...and i mean let my main man do what ever he wants, its all love.
  5. <3<3 http://www.absenceofdesign.com/graff/virs.jpg'> :D
  6. 5ive0ero2wo


    nice shit NOUM. that last quickie is clean as fuck. MaKeItHaPpEn, i always seem to post right after ur fucking gay ass.
  7. fiya! niceness god damn! :eek:
  8. ya i am, thanks. www.absenceofdesign.com
  9. those are nice and simple but hot spots and just look fuckin "RAAW"
  10. dAYMn, hes better than u MaKeItHaPpEn :crazy:
  11. nice BUone, looks hot, keep posting.
  12. http://absenceofdesign.com/graff/ast.jpg'> <3<3 :D
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