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  1. 5ive0ero2wo

    Toys post here...

    http://www.absenceofdesign.com/graff/aesop1.jpg'> :mexican:
  2. 5ive0ero2wo

    my VIRS collection

    god damn GOT, that shit is illistic nice work MaKeItHaPpEn
  3. 5ive0ero2wo

    some of my book stuff w/ onorok & reke

    all fucking clean shit
  4. 5ive0ero2wo

    A few sketchs...

    nice, i like the first one , its hot
  5. 5ive0ero2wo

    my VIRS collection

    its not like everyone is just writing his name, i, for one, battled with him so he did mine and i did his...and i mean let my main man do what ever he wants, its all love.
  6. 5ive0ero2wo

    my VIRS collection

    <3<3 http://www.absenceofdesign.com/graff/virs.jpg'> :D
  7. 5ive0ero2wo


    nice shit NOUM. that last quickie is clean as fuck. MaKeItHaPpEn, i always seem to post right after ur fucking gay ass.
  8. 5ive0ero2wo

    Do a mod's name

    fiya! niceness god damn! :eek:
  9. 5ive0ero2wo

    Do a mod's name

    ya i am, thanks. www.absenceofdesign.com
  10. 5ive0ero2wo

    THE RAAW DEAL.....

    those are nice and simple but hot spots and just look fuckin "RAAW"
  11. 5ive0ero2wo

    Hey guys, tell me what you think...

    dAYMn, hes better than u MaKeItHaPpEn :crazy:
  12. 5ive0ero2wo


    nice BUone, looks hot, keep posting.
  13. 5ive0ero2wo

    Do a mod's name

    http://absenceofdesign.com/graff/ast.jpg'> <3<3 :D
  14. 5ive0ero2wo

    things that are cooler than what i do...

    style wars baby... :king:
  15. 5ive0ero2wo

    The All New Blackbook Thread

    all this is all hot. nice.