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  1. Xplosive

    DDS Crew London

    Leave the flicks to be witnessed on that site- don't rinse them here. Big up Dark DestroyerS out there still smashing the underground system- a shame nothings running. Fuck Tim O'Toole the yankee fool
  2. ^^Yes yes you know it. Tran killing it from north to south... :king:
  3. Xplosive

    DDS Crew London

    "Gloucester Rd trackshave been buffed this week too. loads of old, old stuff disappearing fuck the Olympics, Paris can have it" Where abouts at Gloucester road? I know the tracks running up to High Street Ken got completely buffed, where you talking about? Crack the bid... :hatred: :five-o:
  4. Xplosive

    DDS Crew London

    Yes bump all the old school flicks... They're still going strong :king: :king:
  5. Yes Yes!! Can't be forgetting Donka Factory also: Louis Slipperz Lewis Parker Universal Soldiers Sundragon aka Super T
  6. Xplosive

    On my travels

    Where's that Teach and the Oker + Petro throw ups??
  7. My days that Goks face is STILL running! Caught it at London Bridge this morning then at Viccy this evening. The commuters were loving it!!!
  8. Was that Goks face on the same train as the Flore/Akre????
  9. Nah that Neas is about 2 years old. It was a commission thing in Balham but has since been buffed cos too many toys bombed over/inside it...
  10. Yes bump for that wholecar!!! Saw the buffed carriage today- looked disgusting... Were they on the same train?
  11. Just spotted that TPG/DPM train- looking LIVE! Running towards viccy if anyone can get flicks
  12. Xplosive


    Where's that Jugs??
  13. Xplosive

    DDS Crew London

    Fuck next euro styles id you don't like what London has to offer either do something about it or move somewhere else. As for DDS they've been smashing it for years and are one of the only crews that are always painting the underground. Their style is raw London, fuck using some spastic half hearted letters and who cares whether you've met them and think they're pricks- sounds like someones jealous.
  14. Almost the same crew? Don't be stupid you little prick whoever the fuck u are...
  15. I doubt it was taken at Edgware Road mate cos those districts don't run through there...
  16. NO SURRENDER! The referee was a fuckin buyest cunt, everyone can see that. The keeper couldn't get to the ball because he was too shit, no need for disallowing the goal. Eveyone knows England should have won fair and square and would have gone on to win the whole thing... Should be some riots tonight, alot of angry hooligans!
  17. What is that chrome and green Zilem on?
  18. Xplosive

    Paris Grime

    Paris is Grimy! Bump for Trane, O'Clock and Hermes- that guy has killed the tunnels there trust. Paris writers have sick dogs but so do the RATP Police as well as CS gas and guns...
  19. Yeah Gobs killed with his trackside bombing and dubbing- still a lot of the stuff around G-road. Rest in Peace...
  20. Xplosive


    Yes Yardie Max you don't know what your chatting about you little boy, we're talking about tube yards here- don't konw what level your on. And of course I'm sure you've smacked it harder than Neatly and Touch...
  21. Xplosive

    On my travels

    There's some baaaaad pics on this thread. b0b wheres that Vims trackside at the top of the page?
  22. Xplosive

    On my travels

    I dunno why Ribs is trying it- hes taken out so many clour + old skool dubs with his shit chromes and blacks recently. Mans gettin too big for his boots...
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