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  1. Re: Re: Re: Re: banksy Well lets see his graf? Will it compare with revlon? I doubt it honestly but I am open to take a look. well then get ready to shlob
  2. Re: Re: banksy crazeeschlob the nob.. how old was banksy when he started this? Has he been to art school? Has he been robbed? Has he had to fight someone like robo? Show me some Tim Noble and Sue Webster. Banksy belongs in the toilet. however. the "designated graffiti wall" or whatever it said was really good. Anything that gets people to break the law is appreciated.
  3. banksy he is a typical "art guy" who discovered that he can capitalize off of graff. London has top graff hooly's. Why cant we have more threads on them... and no, not zombie, he is a fag
  4. those legals suck!!!!!! then again, what legals don't...
  5. no war for jews great quote just great
  6. Mostly V A Is mostly G A Y
  7. graffiti was better than that when that was done.
  8. Quit biting alert, yes you. Just stop it
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