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el weah

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  1. da shit is old ..good times ,,thanks to whoever posted that shit..peace
  2. saludos desde houston texas,,a los que me conosen contactense,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,aborigen2003@yahoo.com weah by rtd
  3. sorry,,,,,,,,outoftheblue2005@yahoo.com or check out the events section on this page,peace,,,,,,,,,aborigen2003@yahoo.com,,is friday sat and sunday wall space still room ,,so hit me up.
  4. ok ..graff event if you wanna paint hit me up at ouoftheblue2005@yahoo.com i dont care who you are or what beef you have hit me up ahead of time.peace
  5. THERE WERE RUMORS THIS SHIT WAS CANCELED..IT'S NOT... CONTACT outoftheblue2005@yahoo.com FOR WALL SPACE. FEB.25-26-27 Locations: Taxi Taxi, 1657 Westheimer Y. A., 4865 Gulf Freeway Wall of Fame, 1004 Palmer *more walls to be announced 12pm - 6pm each day Cities involved: Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, Dallas, Phoenix, Monterrey (Mexico), Madrid (Spain)... and more! Event sponsored by Spanish Montana
  6. go on and buy some paint,,,,
  7. 2 cents is cool some one is showing how people bite,is so sad to see this kids painting other peoples work,but oh well i gues they might start doing original shit one day,,the bryer or kesp is really wack i see what he is doing ,i feel like a guest in his web site ,,well i guess we will see more and more of that toy shit you suck kid ,,,,is ez to bite can you really paint your own shit ,,well is an opinion,hope you can handle it,,,,
  8. gomer you shoold hit me up aborigen2003@yahoo.com,,,,,weah
  9. yo what up toys............
  10. spoter the greatest thing to hit america,,,,,,,,,,
  11. yo,,,,,,,,,,,,from houston to all the world.....,boo-yah.,, ,chuntaros gone wild...........peace
  12. you still sing like a bitch,,,,,,,,,
  13. i was there in rome a few months back,no luck ,may b next ttime,,,,,,,,,,,,,,duso or main ,hit me up..........peace,weah
  14. .....................weah................by.......to the rest of the crew hit me up...
  15. well i like the lucha libre ,but i just hope that the people who did it have some kind of respect for the culture that it comes from ,i hate that alot of graff kids take shit from mexican culture and fuck it all up like the dia de los muertos calaveras,so all your white boys respect other peoples shit or is gonna end up like graff,paz
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