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  1. Sounds like GG Allin finally has some competition.... If I ever killed myself I'd hook a couple plungers to a gasmask and have someone stab them into my chest so I could suck the breath from my own lungs... people should pay me to kill them creatively.
  2. Eat a handfull of ritalin and acid one night, you'll thank me in a few months...
  3. Ya'll are making my life sound boring... ...I saw this chick blowing 6 guys in woods behind some apts one time...
  4. I never thought I'd ever say it... but I fucking miss it! Too bad I'm banned from Michigan for the next 7 years... Someone should creep down into Del Rae sometime and snag a few pictures, if you dare. When I was 13 my friend's neighbor (who owned two strip clubs and a chop shop) took us to D. Rae to show us 'why you don't do drugs.' Long story short, from leaving the car to walking up to this 'house' the guy had to show he was holding to some curious on-lookers (keep in mind it was an alcoholic 30-something year old and 3 scrawny white kids),as soon as we walk in the house... 6 adults, in their 40s, pots boiling over on the stove, freebasing, roaches on the counter and something like 4 kids in a playpen in the living room/ trash suppository... I've also been in a few pursuits in places I never should have been... I've checked the locks on my car more than once in broad daylight while trying to find my way out of less 'wholesome' neighborhoods. Fun fact: If you're white and in Detroit you can run any non-major red light after dark. The police (whom the recently did a background check, because someone in the dept. wasn't, to find something like 33 were felons) know if you're on the wrong side of the color wheel you shouldn't be stopped in any one place longer than a few seconds. I didn't understand why people never stopped at redlights in the D until I got my own car. Kettie, this thread's red-head-dog-shaving fucking fantastic. Keep it up.
  5. RIP Scott... you're still in my thoughts everyday... I wish I would have appreciated your friendship more in the 7 short years I knew ya... May you be reincarnated as the end-all mushroom cloud to spark that nuclear winter. Peace.
  6. Fuckin DAAAAYUM... I don't have anything, so I hate to make requests but... Anyone remember Sash? Older Malt? Sylo? Vespa? Got any new TST stuff (I know they've gotta be out there)... were any Jaunt dedications done? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just wondering what's up around the area I used to live in. Detroit's stayin' up like a Viagra drip.
  7. Anyone have any Abuse? I'd post but I don't like to jack flicks. :lick:
  8. Retrokid.com has a lot of info I think.
  9. a-fucking-men Up and coming, positive, always wanted me to go paint when I was too fishbrained to get off my lazy ass and get out with him. Kid loved what he did, had skills that were yet to be seen... I'm going to try to get at his parents for his blackbooks so you people can viddy what I'm talking about.. I wish my scanner worked, I've got some outlines from a few years back and even then potential was notable. We started skating together, messing around with writing, I fell off before I could even get up where as this kid stuck with what he started. Determination like Sysphus with free will...I never thought a drunken phone call at 4am asking if I wanted to catch Binary with him would be the last I'd ever hear of him. Yeah, I'm getting melancholy because shit's fucked up. He made a dumb decision to run from what he did.. but each and every time one of you go out to get up you're making a similar descision and don't front like you'd behave otherwise, this website's had countless forums populated by upper-middle-class suburban kids laying down 'Run if you're spotted, at all costs RUN!'dogma, then the same cats come back and say how ignorant the kid was for doing the exact same thing in a different context. Twirps, kid got desperate and acted desperately.. for a bunch of heads that glorify a culture grown from poverty and 'urban' ethics you all sure sound like a bunch of halfassers to me.. now go hit up your parents for next month's rent and internet access so you can get on a message board and talk shit about a person that's dead now while you glority your favorite celeb writers for doing similar. Sorry to bring the hate... I want you Cata heads to get at me.. Wafl I dunno if you're around but I've got one of your stickers from the kid from years ago.. hit me up. By the way, nice flicks.... wish I had more to contribute but an outburst. kickasspogostick@yahoo.com
  10. I'm guessing because there was a missing person's report out on him.. they track those sort of things.
  11. I hope you're all happy. This kid died in Washington this weekend. None of you care probably, but Richard Scott Trotter is no longer alive. If someone else doesn't do it I'll be starting a post for him in the heavens. He wasn't hard, he wasn't anything. He knew what he liked and took an active role in it. He was a nice person a lot of people clowned on because he didn't try to be anything but who he was; a genuine nice person. The police killed a friend I've known for 7 years. Laughed with, hated on, came to terms with, and ultimately started to appreciate the kid more than ever before he was snatched out of existance. I suppose in today's day and age $30 worth of gasoline is the going rate for a 19 year old kid's life. Someday I'll get even for him. If anyone wants any information hit me up kickasspogostick@yahoo.com or just kickasspogostick on AIM. Thanks. Rest in peace Jaunt.
  12. That's just about heroin skills... as soon as I stepped away from the monitor I puked down the front of my shirt and shit my pants from the withdrawls. Sick, kid. Sick.
  13. The 'news' can wipe my ass after a hot and bothered night of White Castle asshole. Spoon-Feeding The Media (read up kids)
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