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  1. Fuck 'er, bro. Bang one of her friends... I'm sure if they know you were buying your last girl diamonds they'll think they could be the next one... pop 'em all, take pictures, mail 'em to her and get the fuck out.
  2. Switch: "Breaking into someones car is close to breaking into someones house. In my world, this is almost the lowest you can go." With: "Writing on a business' walls is close to walking up to someone's house and dumping oil on their front lawn. In my worl, this is almost the lowest you can go." I'm not trying to sound condescending, just pointing out the subtle irony in what we do and the contradicting vigilante undertones a lot of us seem to wear on our sleeves... We're one rung up from the crackhead, and the upper-middleclass business man/woman is one rung up from us. Sure, we've got our reasons and they make sense to us, but to an outsider it's downright degenerate behavior. I'm not saying crackhead's hands can't be dirtied, I'm just saying it's pretty relative to where your face got cut into the totem pole. I dunno if any of that made sense. Forget me.. I haven't slept in 36 hours.
  3. http://www.mta.nyc.ny.us/mta/images/cover_sm.jpg'> Rollin on 21 to life.
  4. I'm not sure if I want to feed those kids in the last clip their chins or hang out with 'em... probably feed them their chins. Here: Walking the dog (man attacks water buffalo) Check your shoes in, bitch. I wanna sportscast Remember that movie Thud? The story of your life Mike Valley Invitational My lifelong hero For guys who are cooler than me because they own motorcycles The Adventure of Mr.Mooseknuckle and this Jump off stuff recoil Cop - a personal favorite If you watch this in slow-mo you can see him turn into Don Flamingo It's about time ...and then, out of nowhere buy a bmx Have fun. I need to sleep.
  5. Friends - Writing - Hoes - That Hardest Button To Button song I hear every fucking 20 minutes...
  6. Anyone else got a friend/roomate that spends more time in his room oogling babytalk at 17 year old girls that live 900 miles away than he does trying to get outside and have pull some local 20-something ass? Wanna talk about annoying...
  7. 26SidedCube


    I dunno about all of you... but I got the new Thrice, Thursday and Taking Back Sunday albums... I'm soooo ready to smash the state from my view of the lake it's like Judas and Jiffypop in a small hallway with things that suck: Parents, school, cops, homework, jobs, people who aren't like me, facists, the pretty girls who won't look at me and Marilyn Manson fans because I hate them.
  8. So vandals and theives run in separate circles? Funny, criminals against crime. *pauses for onslaught*
  9. My friend used to be into these guys like 4 or 5 years ago, if I remember right... They've got that song that goes 'just cause you're not drunk.. don't mean you're not fucked up' right? Good shit, I can't believe I forgot these guys..
  10. Damn... how ever did I miss that... :rolleyes: So... other than the main part of the band, there's no link whatsoever... gotcha. Relax, cupcake... never once did I talk shit on 'em. I offered my opinion... and it wasn't short-sighted or ignorant so chill on the whole establishing dominance thing. They're make good music with a couple flaws... I think the same could be said about almost any band. Capish?
  11. I'll find out tonite or tomorrow for you. I've been asleep all weekend.
  12. Get Fruity Loops... once you can manipulate that to do whatever you want you'll be a lot better off on more sophisticated shit... Acid's alright if you treat it like a game... having thousands of readily available pre-made samples at your disposal is a sad excuse for 'making music'... but it's fun to dick around with and get the feel for audio... that's how I started out some 6 years ago.
  13. Ahh... the vaguely-descript toilet humor rebuttle. Nice. I didn't say Maynard wasn't intelligent... and I didn't say he's not a brilliant musician (I dunno how responsible he is for the arrangement, seems like Danny Carrey is responsible for most of the musical know-how). I'd rather another solid Tool album than two good Perfect Circle albums. Just my opinion. Eat up, chew well. Drink plenty of water.
  14. The music's good... names of the song are a little over-the-top/cliche... Noose, Weak and Powerless, and The Outsider seem a little too "I'm hurt and depraved"... I burn Bibles, too!
  15. I used to live in Michigan, now I'm growing mold in Queens due to some things... Anyway, I've got those for PC... I'll ask a couple of my friends that work in studios if they can get their hands on a copy for you if you still need it in about a week or so. Yeah, I didn't mean using more than one prog is musical dogma, personally tho I'll make my beats in FL or Reason and then use Sonar to compress, add effects, and eventually master... granted, you can do all of this in Reason itself with the plug-ins but Sonar being specifically designed for production I tend to get better results. ...and an MPC isn't a program... it's a godsend. My friend got a 3000 from some guy who's roommate got deported off EBay a year ago for $250... fucking bastard. Wanna trade your's for a copy of Reason and a slightly used soul?
  16. All I know is at the end there'd better be 45 quality minutes of psychopathic screaming and a blazing chainsaw...
  17. Word. I've got Logic Platinum 5.01, Sonar 2, Reason 2.5, Fruity Loops 3.56 and the half-bastard FL Studio 4.1... I've also got an Alesis SR-16 for dicking around on. You need more than one program to make quality beats.
  18. ...so are any other cellular carriers ever going to get 2-way technology or does Nextel have it on lock for the next 10 years?
  19. I was pissing in someone's front yard during a party earlier this summer when Office Hormel spun me around by the shoulder... pissing on a cops shoes and trying to run doesn't make for dropped charges. Come to think of it, out of 11 times being arrested only one charge has ever been dropped...
  20. You're fucked. You lose. Walk into the court with at least $500 and your balls in a fannypack.
  21. I caught the end of the record-release in-store... Aes is still spittin heat. The CD's got a lot more energy than all his earlier stuff and he's improved his delivery and turned down the quotables. It's still a solid album if you like Aes's style. Best Aes tracks: Hold The Cup, Coma, Shere Kahn, 1,000 Deaths, 9 to 5ers and The Greatest Pac-Man Victory in History... simple. Take Me To The Basement is nice because of Opus's prodcution.. and Kill 'Em All is a track only this guy could pull off. There's a lot of garbage in the "underground"... luckily Aesop eats it all and spits cortez.
  22. It won't let me get your e-mail address... hit me up at kickasspogostick@yahoo.com Thanks, peace.
  23. Shiiit... Del - I Wish My Brother George Was Here OneManArmy - Project F.E.T.U.S. Mac Lethal - Men Are From Mars, Pornstars Are From Earth Tes - don't know the name of this guy's album but heard him on the last Embedded complilation (not mixtape) and was really feelin' the goofy fuck. LoDeck - Haven't copped an album yet.. but hell yes. Jakki - waiting for an album... Aes Rizzle - nuff said. Illogic - Unforseen Shadows Keith Murray - He's Keith Murray (heat!!) Aceyalone - Love and Hate (not feeling this as much as his older shit.. but it's still top shelf) The new Jiggah is supposed to be insane.... Haven't peeped that solo Vast album yet... new CanOx is supposed to be in the works... Anyone hear that Matthew Shipp / El-P project? Sunrise over Brooklyn I think? Enough from me.
  24. Fucked, I thought it made them hemophiliacs.
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