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  1. Oh shit, you just reminded me... My mom had a pretty shitty job, she was a manager at the Dearborn (Michigan) Post Office... you know, the one everyone heard about and gave postal employees that rep. Luckily she was home sick that EXACT day...needless to say, she transferred a week later.
  2. I know there's a lot of Michigan heads in here... anyone remember Bourgeois Filth??
  3. I've got it... it's funny, I couldn't imagine actually listening to it by yourself or when you're sober... but the parodies of space-rappers, limp bisquit, and the frat boy song are hilarious. It's basically weird-al meets atom and his package... meets blockhead and jer.
  4. I took a job "selling" (soliciting) framed artwork all over Michigan. Big mistake. I hate pushy salespeople. The idea of the job was to see who could be the most relentless when people are telling you no. I had to wake up at 5:30 in the morning if I wanted to shit, shower, and shave to be sure I'd make it there by 8. Needless to say, they load you up with a something $2000 worth of art, make you sign this contract saying you can in no way claim ownership of what they've given you, and send you out to roam from Mid-Michigan clear to Toledo trying to push $150 paintings on people who don't want to buy them... I did this for 4 days and realized I had made about $50 in commission and spent about $60 on gas. I wake up on the 5th day, start to leave... get caught by a train, remember there's construction on I-75, and decide to point my little van back home... I get home, go to sleep... for 5 HOURS STRAIGHT the guy who owns the place is calling my phone making sure that I knew that I was supposed to be there and that I was late... I blow him off until I get a call from the secretary who I had luckily been sweet-talking since I got the job there. I guess the guy told her if I wasn't there within 45 minutes he was calling the police, pressing charges and telling them where I live.. Yeah.. so I had that job for about 5 days... I lost about $60 in gas... nearly had larceny charges pressed... oh, and then when I was busting ass to get out to drop off all these pictures I hit a bump and 3 of the frames broke leaving me without the $50 I had made their earlier in the week. Fuck sales people.
  5. I've been up for about 36 hours smoking cigarettes and watching tv...
  6. ...I can work that out.. but first you're gonna have to float 3 mayonaise sandwiches, a new shotgun rack, 2 bushels of kevlar, and a saddle shot of the terminally ill my way. Then we can talk.
  7. Guys with the biggest dicks roll on 10's or 52"s. Pussies. http://www.hansenwheel.com/images/Wheels1.jpg'>
  8. That's absolutely fucking absurd.... I just sent that to an old highschool teacher, he should have a blast with it. Good lookin. Can someone tell me where to BEGIN to criticize this guy? It's honestly gotten to the point where when people start talking about the Bush Admin. I sit button-lipped due to the fact there is no way to summarize how much of a fucking three-ring sideshow the past 3 years have been without committing to a 4 hour conversation...
  9. 1 in 4.... 1 in 4. I used to be all about sticking my dick in anything with a pretty face, tight body, and a pulse (optional)... but after hearing that I slowed down my vagina intake to a near stand-still.. fuck that.
  10. AFI has always sucked... even when they were on that 'East Bay Hardcore' bullshit... A bunch of Fucking Idiots... and I think they did a song with Counting Crows a while ago. Fuck AFI, sound like Marilyn Manson, Creed, and Green Day in a small hallway. Fuck them in their stupid asses.
  11. You mean you wanna make 'noise' instead of 'music'?
  12. He's got a million and two... but this is easily one of the most powerful things I've heard in a song.. AESOP ROCK I spy a toddler on the corner with her bubbles and her dipstick I witness the fusion of her breath and her amusement And it killed me and it stabbed me and it cut me clear open The notion that this child timid in her sins embraced pleasure Within a token of a moment, retless arrested but not a twirp Strip the Bonabo Disclosure, so close yet so much closer I'll take the hint but still she's never known cold Call me in twenty when those bubbles explode it's like that
  13. ...and might I add... Minor Threat Circle Jerks Guttermouth The Clash (that's right, fuck you) Fugazi NOFX (yea, I said it) Bad Brains Bouncing Souls (well, Epitaph Release and everything before) Exploited Swingin Utters ...I haven't dug through a lot of my punk albums in a while, those are off the top of my head though... "Punk rock" isn't gay. "All music" is gay. "Scenes" are gay. "You" are gay.
  14. Not bad considering the 'average consumers' attention span isn't much longer than "right thurr' or 'wat da hook gon be' as far as music's concerned...
  15. Bingo. I don't really get a 'I'm about to die' feeling, but in the back of my head somewhere I'm always waiting for that ambience of walking down the street to be shattered by a car losing conrol, skipping the curb at 70 and crushing me into a store front... which I'm cool with, if I do get taken out sporratically I want it to be completely chaotic. I HOPE TO GOD I DIE IN A SUDDEN ENGINE FAILURE PLANE CRASH. Lean back, plaster a smirk on my chin, recline and wait for impact. :dazed:
  16. Yeah, they should have went really into detail on the Second Rennaisance, filmed it and released that in movie form in place of Reloaded... Animatrix made Reloaded seem hollow.
  17. Red apple cigarettes are (I think) from Pulp Fiction, Uma Thurman's character smokes them. In Pulp Fiction Uma's character tells a story about a sitcom she did a pilot for called 'Fox Force 5' (black ballistics expert, asian kung fu master, and her character was good with knives). And then.. the square... Good eye, Boxcar... I wasn't sure if I was just mixing shit up in my head, at least now I know someone else noticed that shit.
  18. no way... it would have been a 4 hour movie otherwise..
  19. Re: *believe* http://www.jabootu.com/images/jmdownload.jpg'> ...and plugging shit into his neck. ...and letting Ice-T and a dolphin hack his brain.
  20. The fuck... I've seen this show. It's twisted as fuck, but the women come out a lot better. It's sweet after the surgery when they look like they just got hit by the Dahmer truck... good laughs. There's a show called Plastic Surgery Disasters (the producers must listen to 80's punk) on the same channel that's even better.
  21. just get fruity loops 3.56. There's plenty of sounds to get you started.
  22. fuck... I just pass out. I'm usually up for like 38 hours before I sleep, then I crash for 12... almost every day. Pillows rock.
  23. I'm with boxcar... this shit just blew me away. If you've seen the Tarantino interview on the Iron Monkey DVD you knew this was coming. It's a straight up kung-fu/western/tarantino/japanese sitcom/anime gauntlet. Plenty of dismemberment and bad-ass kung-fu correography...once they're both on DVD it's a definite buy. I saw it in this busted ass old theatre and I looked around a few times through-out the movie to see that no one had any idea what the fuck they were watching. I'm geeked for the sequel. on a similar note.. If I could fuck Lucy Liu and Angelina Jolie, roll over, smoke a joint, pass out, and then die tonite, I would.
  24. Seekimus - No luck so far.. don't wanna leave you hanging but my friend's been busy finishing up a project so I haven't had much luck getting a hold of him at home... but as soon as I get the word I'll let you know...
  25. Whatever... Opening scene. Martin Sheen. Piss wasted. Un-scripted outbursts. Really shatters a mirror with his fist. FULL-OUT ON CAMERA VENTING. I've read that Martin Sheen was/is, in fact, a very troubled man and heard many an older man say something to the effect of 'That was more than acting, that was a man's demons caught on film.' Stellar performance. Right next to Val Kilmer having to go into rehab after making The Doors movie for all the shit he abused to get into character. Tell me there aren't a few scenes in that movie where you KNOW he's actually on acid. I've been told by uncles that were in Nam that both movies really showed the mindstate of the men that were sent there: a complete lack of solid conviction as to what, exactly, they were doing there. 18-25 year old kids that were dropping acid, smoking weed, fucking women and all of a sudden found themselves in the middle of a war. Welcome to American morale. ..of course, I never served in any forces personally, so I suppose my opinions are second rate.
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