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  1. I disagree. I think the hip-hop-punk-rock-white-trash-latin-pop-beastie-boys-botique-shopper-designer-urban-hick-oner look is very progressive and we should all smash the system while raging against the machine while shopping at the vice with dad's credit card.
  2. This is all that really had to be said. ...and I'm tired of fairweather fans.
  3. Yeah, I was gonna drop what I write now and switch to Teck or Tech... cause no one's ever thought about using that before.
  4. Murs has like 2 good songs on his last album... the rest is pretty bottom of the barrel. Listen to Aphex Twin.
  5. Somewhere in America a kid is mixing house music in his basement. He's wearing a visor. He owns a pacifier. He is not my friend.
  6. I don't need your way of life I can't stand your attitudes I can do without your strife I don't need this fucking world I don't need this fucking world This world brings me down Gag with every breath This world brings me down I'm looking forward to death It seems so unreal to me So much hate and so mouch pity I can't take another day It's such a bore It gets me really sore I don't need this fucking world I don't need this fucking world This world brings me down Gag with every breath This world brings me down I'm looking forward to death Looking forward to death ...actually, really only about a 3.
  7. Getting termites Lettuce Mulder
  8. I heard that whole show via Nextel. Thank someone for two-way technology.
  9. How come the only Behold A Pale Horse I could find was under the fiction section at the library? I didn't check it out because of this. Someone wanna explain?
  10. No, Joey's fine. He's probably just been on a lude binge for the past 10-odd years. Now.. Remember the older brother from this show? I think his name was Anthony. That motherfucker's dead of a coke overdose. He played a fuckin' junkie on the most g-rated, ugly chick sitcom of the early 90's. That cheeseball's done been smushed.
  11. I read the spoiler.. couldn't help it. If you've seen both movies and the animatrix AND payed close attention to the conversation between the Architect and Neo you should already know what's going to happen...
  12. The Netherland's currency shits on any other.
  14. Yeah, it's hard being pretty. Especially when you're 5'9" and 190 lbs.
  15. Since we're talking sidenotes and pimping graffiti..... I had a morbid experiance yesterday. I decided to walk through Brooklyn and visit a lot of the boutiques listed on the Shops Thread on here... to my dismay I've realized something: I could go to Detroit, CLEAR OUT a thrift shop for $5,000 and bring everything here. Next I spend about a month drawing and printing up cheesy as bombs and handstyles on to iron-on paper. I repeat this with pieces by people like Cycle, Duro, and some great unknown and iron their shit onto t-shirts and the tops of purses. I order a few thousand packs of Obey stickers and place them under glass along with a whole bunch of black leather/spikey things andbullshit material beanies with loose threads hanging off and earth tone color schemes with the occasional pink. I go home photoshop up some 'design murals' out of copies of copies of Warhol-like designs along with the occasional TV Icon. Next, I take all this shit, push it into a little store and play some latin-soul, Sonics, Pixies or or something else of equal Contemporary-70's value. I hire a few small Asian girls to sell my goods along with a short stocky guy with a shaved head that wears T5 Soul shit, 2 guys that look like Chad Muska, and one Jamie Thomas. I throw a couple Anime/Manga goods into the store and call it something like Virtue or Degeneration and make sure it's somewhere near Union Square. VOILA! All of a sudden the clothes I spent $5,000 dollars on are worth a total value of $30,000. A $3 immitation Adidas zippie goes for $45 and a 1986 Detroit Tigers windbreaker goes for $75. I get a couple bullshit, unheard of companies/"designers" to throw me a few knit sweaters with simple graphics that somehow include the image of a hand and drip for $80 a pop and turn around and sell these for $560. I can now make you an individual ready to dabble into college design courses, street photography, and 'urban culture' enthusism. The more my store looks more like an art gallery than a clothing store and the less I actually have in it... the more the clothes are worth, regardless of quality and/or availibility elsewhere. Call me names and flick boogers at me... but yesterday I wanted to kill a lot of people and puke on a lot of over-priced rags. WHAT THE FUCK IS THE DEAL WITH THIS SHIT?
  16. Waiit... I just went and flicked all that shit yesterday... You do that whole wall facing 45th with the scarecrow/clown face, pen dripping mixtape... then on the corner of 45th and that little alley facing the yard the turtle character with his books? If that's you I wouldn't mind shaking your hand and putting your kids through college... There's all that new shit at train level that just popped up this week I didn't get too good of a look at.. and there were some heads putting up some new shit yesterday around 3ish.
  17. Seeks- I just talked to my boy about that. Sorry mang, no luck. He said you'd have better luck trying to find 2.0, though. 2.5 was an update they sent to all their people with registered serial numbers and whatnot (not that it'd be impossible to locate a copy). There's one more person I can ask but it's doubtful he'll have access to it, so try not to get your hopes up. You don't have access to a pc?
  18. Nah, I haven't checked the e-mail, but I'll hit you back in a minute. :cool:
  19. What's that other movie that's pretty new that's supposed to be gore packed... it's called like Maranchi The Killer or something along those lines... my Thai friend recommended it to me..
  20. Yeah, she's the mother, tho. I don't think the big guy likes hearing her referred to as 'the oracle' because while she was a program designed to understand the 'workings of the human psyche' she was just a control, none the less and had to be factored in for the matrix to function properly. As for the Meriovinge (sp?) I don't have a clue as to what his purpose is yet, other than he seems to know all the control factors... at least that's what I gathered from his little 'causality' ramble...
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