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  1. Nah. That chick from Telemundo has to be the single hottest anchor woman I've ever seen. Anyone remember her name?
  2. The worst is when that happens at one of your broke-ass friend's place and you're too lazy to get up and go to the store. So you resort to eating saltines and hot sauce, or tortilla chips and ranch dressing like some deranged condiment-junkie. Then one of your boys walks by and tries to give you shit for eating like a derelict, until he looks in the fridge and realizes you're a fucking junk-food genious because your only other options were fossilized KFC and three-week old rice pilaf (which looks strangely appetizing). He sits down to hawk on your saltines and hot sauce, so you pull them in close to your chest as if you were guarding some estranged newborn, give him the ill squinty-eyed Terminator look and mumbe something about tyrants and revolution. Then you both erupt in catatonic laughter the next morning when you wake up and realize that last night, for over an hour, you actually sat around eating complete bullshit and watching Murder She Wrote on mute. The only silver lining is that cigarettes and weed make me shit like crazy, so anything I eat in that state usually comes out with the quickness.
  3. Fuck off, dickwad. Somebody already tried that approach to getting famous, and Comedy Central just took their idea and turned it into a really not-funny show.
  4. WHOA! Hold on. Why is this guy's hand turning into a sheep?
  5. ^Nah. The gun oil's to be boiled and dumped on civilians. Then I'm going to climb down and use my rifle to seal-club the fuck out of their skulls.
  6. 26SidedCube


    I played Tony Hawk Project 8 for a while last night and, beings that I haven't played any of those games since THPS3, I was actually sorta impressed with the additions and changes they've made to the gameplay. Pros: The Rodney Mullen 'freeflip' mode (or whatever it's called) is quite buttery. The 'quick recovery' feature is handy. The game plays a lot faster now, too. Cons: The music still sucks.
  7. Legalize everything and let natural selection get down to business.
  8. 26SidedCube


    I hate this entire series/line/style. Love the oversized emblems... but two logos is just gaudy.
  9. Two cool things I've done with piss recently: 1. Threw a 32oz. cup full of it out of my window and into my girl's face while traveling 90mph down route 80 (I had to go and we were in the middle of Shit-fuck Nowhere. Cup was there. I used it. 2. Pissed from 8 stories up into my neighbor's pool on a nightly basis for an entire summer.
  10. I've always said the only two times that I would ever smoke crack were either on stage with ODB in front of a million screaming fans or at a monster truck rally while blind-drunk with hillbillies. ODB's dead.
  11. You'd get high as fuck if you did this into that money.
  12. Being a degenerate is going to be HUGE in 2009.
  13. Re: FONTS FONTS FONTS That'd be it. To send it, just put all of the font's files (they'll be in your windows/fonts folder) in a zip and then upload that to http://www.yousendit.com. Then either post the link here or send it to me in a PM. I'll send you a coupon for 3,000 free 40s of Mickey's in return.
  14. Bloodfart is actually KaBar's daughter. What, you guys didn't know?
  15. I'm saying. I had to get a new graphics card, but the display is CRYSTAL.
  16. I just upgraded my computer. I got this shit from Japan that isn't being released in America until 2008: YOU AIN'T UP ON THIS!!!
  17. Team up with this kid and hope for AIDS.
  18. Yo.. I think Mr. Yuck had a picture of this kid on his MySpace page like 2 years ago. It must've been some sort of premonition.
  19. Hah. Nah, it's all about Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Havannah Afair and Radioblast. Girl Next Door was my shit when I was 15, though. :)
  20. ^The truth is that she's been adopting little brown kids to take home, stick in a blender and stuff into her bottom lip for the past 4 years. The little kids you keep seeing in pictures are Koala bears in really clever 'Vietnamese Kid' disguises.
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