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  1. Just started a set of Trad Gear this week. I have 2 boulder pads, sport quick draws... Ive been Climbing in the north east for years if anyone is ever up here get ahold of me.


    Alex Honnold kills it; that solo is absolutely insane and probably wont be repeated for 20+ years.. Soloing stuff is a great experience but my friends had once ran into him while they were leading a 5.12d in Rumney NH, he soloed up the 13a next to them and told them to "Lose the rope, boys." Met him at the top and I guess he was smug as fuck to locals and everything.

    Free soloing is the a great thrill, but a much debated topic in the climbing community. Many view it as unnecessarily dangerous, Although i do enjoy it as much as the next person, as far as community norms go, its not exactly something to brag about

  2. Ive gone as far as to wear compression shorts-Jogging apparel when im out bombing alone. I figure the last thing the Oinks with think when the see me is that i write. Looking to rack a "camelback" back pack that will fit a few cans without compromising the disguise. Anyone else ever consider things like this? the psychological aspect to fooling 9'rs, that is

  3. I do it mainly to prove ~someone~ had been there (mainly heaven/retarded spots in mind). I actually get more enjoyment when people point out a heaven spot i have locked down and i can say "Yeah yo, that dudes insane" rather than claiming responsibility for the work. Anonymity is a surprisingly empowering feeling. In regards to the rest of the work (tags/ fills and piecing/freights)- Theres something gratifying about watching your name roll away. Tags , hollows, and fills are simply fun because of the rush they provide me. I like the challenge of blending into my surroundings, for example, a group of drunken college kids, after catching a streetside hollow. But Most of all.. I just love those high top fades.

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