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  1. never met any of them but i was under the impression kyt was a bunch of malnourished "punk-rockers", go figure
  2. on ebay theres usually this set of 150 cans black or white and it works out to around 2.50 a can
  3. whoa whoa whoa we also be holdin down the abandoned warehouses n shit, ya heard?
  4. that reminds me, whatever happened to the old sp one thread?i cant find it
  5. how many minutes do those nyc trains run now-a-days?
  6. when the fuck did msk find/get to pittsburgh?
  7. people in france must be laid back, in another country youd get shot by someone tryin to be a hero for paintin a riot gate like that in the middle of that day, same if you stopped a train and made some mother fuckers late for work, good shit though
  8. ay yo that turtle neck is DOPE son,recognize
  9. ^ much as im sure riot can for himself, nigguh
  10. no no no your missing the point, its not that the graffiti you flick and post sucks(which it does), its that their irrelevant to this thread which people visit to see very specific things, damn your douchebaggery
  11. posting one soviet throwup doesnt exscuse sneaking in 10000000 other pieces of thread-irrelevant garbage, i wouldnt even mind the confusion of this being a pittsburgh thread if it were actualy good pittsburgh ish....
  12. that kelsey ish is straight waktacular
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