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  2. BEER Sam Smith's Oatmeal stout Westvleteren Abt 12 (yellow cap) Double Bastard Ale Celebrator Doppleboch Westvleteren Extra 8 (blue cap) La Fin Du Monde My personal fav is any good Wiess Bier
  3. heres what you must do : mess with a military test of a 10 megawatt laser by sneaking onto the base and replacing control chip..then while the guy is out walking his dog fill his house up with popcorn kernals..from a remote site hack in to the compter contoling the laser test and redirect the laser to hit the kernals..BANG..his house explodes with popcorn!! and do it all whilst listening to TEARS FOR FEARS. ok?
  4. oh and no we did not talk about maryanne.
  5. I see your perspective. I love the math though. And I have to say the creative process is very rewarding for me both in sonic and visual art.
  6. SMITHS : Actually really very funny. Why is it that depressed people are the best comics? If you like the Smiths check out Stephen Meritt's bands: the Magnetic fields, future bible heroes, the gothic archies, and the 6ths he's a l.e.s. resident too. www.houseoftomorrow.com/
  7. and check these sites for some very very interesting stuff Pythagorean music theory Lamdoma Matrix www.lambdoma.com/ and check out this awesome maniac Barbara Hero: http://members.aol.com/bhero/CatalogPages.html
  8. Re: Re: oh and No Man!! I'm not refering to any kind of grind. Its like an axl stall on flatground but its in motion!! like 1/4 flip whilerolling then sliding along the pavement in the position of an axl stall then 1/4 back to land and ride away!! There were two popular pro freestyle skaters in the 80's on was Rodney Mullen the other I can't remember his name I think it was Piere Wieldner-or something like that. Any body remember?? ALso to FLIGHT RISK THANX 4 THE MP3!! HOw could i forget the boneless and the coffin??? anybody who thinks a coffin is a lame trick try it down a steep hill.
  9. oh heres the info http://www.newband.org/instruments.htm for dean's thing.
  10. yes do a parch thread! he has such an interesting story.. hobo/lauriate/composer/nut/instument maker you can take a trip to NJ to see/play/learn about the instuments he made etc. Dean Drummond(spelling? its been a while) is the curator of his estate and you can contact him if you can find the info.. My undergrad music teacher composer Amy Rubin set me up with the contact a while ago. Never went myself though.
  11. I'm Sure he saw it . I hear his favorite band is ABBA!! Did any one else hear this?
  12. BROWNer That JohnCageMakeoutMusic thing was to catch that <1% of people out there in a big "hum?". I never made out to John Cage but I think i'm going to try it with an unsuspecting person. I will be like - mind if I put a little something on to get us in the mood?(seductive voice)..Then.. Oh by the way it is really good to see a post like this in here. I don't know this composer but I will now certainly check him out. I like Harry Parch..not so much for the overall musicallity..but for the fun of the works.
  13. oh and I have been sk8 boarding for 13 years too. some of my fav things in the sk8 universe are : alva wall rides and especially wallies mullen hensley one footed ollies (not ollie one foots) 360 kickflip body varials launch ramps board slides axil slides (who was the guy that invented those, i think his name was piere W$^*&-something?) Gonz oldest powell videos the first blind video (lowridermusic, they die at the end) the life video (who remembes?) h-street vision street wear pixelvision videos frontside flips etc.
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