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  1. Originally posted by Ralph Machio@Mar 8 2005, 12:47 PM

    i hate hippy-liberals...i hate pro-"everything" stickers on

    Volvos & Saabs.. the war in Iraq isnt over because

    America cant drop a bomb because..of our Liberal judicial

    system..some hippy liberal lawyer will scream about the

    rights of innocent bystanders..but ya know what...There

    are always casualties in war..so fuckem....


    go keep believing that lol. too bad the judicial system is mostly conservatives, and the most liberal justice sitting on the supreme court is in fact not very liberal at all. that and the fact that bush is ready to appoint some even more conservative people in the place of the retirees. lol.


    i love you

  2. Reading this thread kinda makes me wanna go back out and do some experimenting again... haha. Stay up Omen.


    Edit: Oh yeah, TeezerPHM is right. Those Window Chalk mops beat a Kiwi any day and beat out the deodorant mops in terms of convenience. So yeah, to answer your question, Garvey is one of the best flowing inks I've come across and I've stuck a half and half Garv+Marsh (dye, not pigment) in them before and have been fine. So go for it.


    And if the pigment ends up being too thick for the nib, you can always thin it down.

  3. so check it, girls love a good back rub and that's no secret. i never really learned to give good ones though and thats a skill im lacking in and could use some help. got some tips for giving good ones? share up. lol


    p.s. im pullin an all nighter, fuck finals...

  4. yeah, that song's quasimoto's boom music. good shit eh?


    yeah royal that will work fine, don't forget some thinner.


    el producto, you need to start usin aim again or... give me your new sn if you aren't using your old one anymore.


    seoner, less is more.

  5. Originally posted by DK VU DK+Jan 12 2005, 02:48 AM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (DK VU DK - Jan 12 2005, 02:48 AM)</div><div class='quotemain'>What he said^



    bucket paint + mineral spirits + mop = colorful tags



    you're welcome.


    oh and for glow in the dark... Krylon makes and "GLOWZ" glow in the dark latex paint. Now it's up to you to figure out the rest.



    Take note that Krylon's latex paint, and latex paint in general is just disgusting. Smells weird, too. Nothing you'd want to use for graffiti.


    <!--QuoteBegin-Pearlpaint@Jan 12 2005, 04:33 AM

    Basicially, 50 pages and only 2-3 actual ink recipes on this thread.


    Krylon "GLOWZ" only last for an hour after being recharged.


    Does Pilot make a yellow ink refill?


    Okay, so you didn't actually read all the pages did you? Hell, I don't blame you, it's the longest thread in the Yard. There's plenty more than "2 or 3" recipes, however. Hell, the first page has more than that.


    And no, Pilot doesn't make a yellow. Even if they did, that'd be by far the shittiest color ever; out of the 3 primary colors (red, blue, yellow), yellow makes the weakest pigment. This too has been mentioned in the past.


    If you want yellow, use bucket paint, and quality shit at that. I'd suggest One Shot, I can tell you first hand they have some nice opaque shades.


    Have a nice day.

  6. Originally posted by Pearlpaint@Jan 10 2005, 05:09 PM

    limited yet, there are 50 pages of pure nothing! Does anyone have any knowledge on tattoo ink and it's uses?


    1) You're a moron if you believe that these 50 pages are filled with nothing.


    2) Guess what, it's already been talked about. Wanna know what tattoo ink is? It's india ink, which is completely worthless for graffiti.


    P.S. Black is preferred because it is opaque and nasty, who woulda thought? Get a red, blue, green, or purple alcohol based ink and it never seems to be able to come out as opaque as black.

  7. Uhh yeah, check it. They got their times and places. It'd be hard to make a handstyle that can be seen 30 feet away in your car with a marker at night, and at the same time it'd be hard to get up with some stealth daytime hits with cans of paint.


    But ufb with a ny fat is just plain fun.

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