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  1. check it. i made this thread. every question you have about ink has been asnwered 5 times already, by me or someone else. why do you guys think i never come in here anymore to update or answer new questions? lol.


    p.s. moe lester isn't a punk, i believe he knows his shit.

  2. Start takin a B-50 vitamin for that stress. It should help over time. You'll notice your piss getting more yellow, that's a good sign. And you may notice more energy. It's good stuff.


    Get more protien too.


    And maybe switch from coffee to tea, that can cut a little on the stress load. There are chemicals in tea that can reduce stress (green tea that is, black to a lesser extent).


    And just to add in some ultra-cliches, get more sleep and drink more water. That could never hurt.


    Oh and sorry to shit on your parade but supplements really can't fully compensate for not eating healthy, but thats your choice what you put in your stomach so I'm not gonna direct you there. But like everyone knows, fruits and vegetables will do you good if you want to be 'healthy'.

  3. am i the only one that eats cereal?


    i wouldn't mind tryin to do it euro-style and have a small coffee / croissant type breakfast with lunch as the bigger meal. but my body's just too used to being filled up with a couple bowls every morning.

  4. I like taking the naps where I get to the point right next to total sleep but I'm not quite there yet, I can't do those for more then 45 minutes or it becomes real sleep and I end up being out for 3 hours and then feeling like shit for the rest of the day.


    It's nice when I get good rest at night (which is rare) and then I feel nice throughout the next day. Sleep problems really fuck with your waking life.

  5. "The Internet is the only mainstream medium where complete, free artistic expression exists. In the past it was necessary to partner with a large corporation if you wanted to have a voice sizable enough to be relevant. No longer. The mechanics of the Internet expose television as the antiquated, stagnate medium it is. Nothing exciting happens on television, so they promote "exciting" people. Television has truly become the idiot box. In those olden days, turning off the television was akin to shutting the blinds to the outside world. No wonder those who even suggested the idea were marginalized. Words are nice, visuals are better. But, the TV filter renders everything that passes through into bullshit. That's why viral videos (and bunny rabbit killing sites) have established a niche so easily on the net. There's obviously an audience for entertainment without rules."


    and that's the god damned truth.

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