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  1. the Wegman's grocery store near me just got these in for $8.99/bottle: http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/207/645 definitely the best quad i've had, and probably my all time favorite beer. so hype i don't have to drive 2 hours to buy a bottle at $11.99/bottle anymore.
  2. "Necs dropping Nietzsche references"
  3. "a man whose talents can command $1,000 a minute"
  4. paintfetish


    i had to go to some alcoholism class after i got my DUI. they explained alcoholism is anything more than 2 drinks per day. 3 shots of liquor in each drink is cheating.
  5. feeling those Bleach hands
  6. it's not a glass bottle, it's not even a fucking plastic bottle, it's a SUBWAY footlong or some shit, lol. bieber getting slapped in the face with a footlong...wtf
  7. handicapped parkers are normally fat people with no real handicap other than being too lazy to walk. i know mad fat families that share their handicapped tags so they can all park in the spaces. i'm sayin, i love going to the city with them bc we always have parking on the street, but it's weird when we all get out of the car young and ready to party, not handicapped, lol
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