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  1. charge lots and make sure you make them buy you way too much extra paint so you can tag something usefull else where
  2. tell me something I dont already know
  3. Yea but anyways I think that offically awnsers my question Not goina run with it, its way too anoying to start all over with post.
  4. Yea it says lotsa shit in the rules that I see broken all the time....and Iam the dumbass right....Get a clue pimpin
  5. Question for the elite I was thinking about starting a thread to show off my prize winning pot plants and encourage others to do the same. Is this cool?
  6. At least someone said it...
  7. well at least its good to know Iam not the only dumbass to shoot something, at least i didnt kill anyone
  8. anyone wana clue me in on the office part...:confused:
  9. On a side note.....Ive been posting on this board for some time, my other account getting banned of course cus I pissed off the wrong people.But I know find myself asking whats the point, you all act like a bunch of assholes most of the time anyways...Critizing me cus of what I posted or How I spell.Who fuckin cares, if you dont like what I gotta say thats great....but most times when I see that some asshole has posted some terrable shit I just let it go....What the fucks the point in having a message board if you dont post shit, at least I make the effort right...So to all those that critisize I say FUCK OFF I feel much better now and am done whyning :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
  10. After firing a gun several times, resedue tends to build up on the outside of the gun, plus I had just been carrying it all over the woods. As I attempted to explain befor I was drunk,so my efforts were most likley pointless. But its cool, I really dont give a fuck if you belive me or not......
  11. Bud light and yagermiser may have effected my gun manors, While dangerouse, Drinking and shooting is fun
  12. Cleaning my gun with the saftey off..... The other day I was cleaning my 12 gauge. I was all done and ready to put it away.I picked up my gun and somehow I managed to shoot a giant fuckin hole in my wall... Am I the only dumb ass, or are there otherz....:lol: :lol: :lol:
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