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  1. @misteraven- "Not quite living real life and living some unhealthy abreviated form of online life" is a good way to put it I think. So much so that it's become a business and a way of life. People get paid based on how many followers they have. You can make money being an "influencer". Many people live accordingly. That little buzz/bing to notify you that you have a new comment/follower/etc is like a cash register nowadays. People do crazy things to get that attention. Often times they hurt themselves or others just for that like. Others who aren't influencing are being influenced and it's a big circle of wtf-ness. I agree that some people just seem to be a part of it without really even being a part of it. They just consume to consume. Different times.
  2. Man, where to start... I read through as much of the previous comments as I could. Not only because I have a ridiculous amount of work to get done but because a lot of the same sentiment was being echoed. I don't mean that negatively in any way. I think it's a symptom of the times. There has been a long stretch of reducing the conversation down into sound bytes and headlines. It's difficult for people, myself included to put the time into sitting down and focusing on a lengthy conversation. Regarding social media, I use Instagram to share with a small group of people that I want to stay connected with. I use it to follow people's work that I like. I use it to sell from time to time. I use it to look at stupid memes that make me laugh. I don't use it to communicate, although, that's how I came to this conversation so I am glad that it happened and can appreciate that it is a medium that can be used for communication. I can't stand Facebook. It epitomizes the headline and sound byte culture we live in. I don't know how many times I've pointed people to correct information after they shared something after only reading the headline. Or, things like reading through an argument saying Obama was a terrible president for playing golf during hurricane Katrina... People don't take the time anymore to invest even in communication. I can't recall a meeting that I've been in where people aren't on their phones. That's in a "professional" setting where you're paid to focus. Social and personal settings are even worse. It's an interesting personal problem for me. I don't like how technology is consumed but I work in technology and create things that people consume. I have done painful amounts of research on how to create things so that people enjoy using them to the point that they are borderline addictive. I get the audience. I remember the days of hand made zines. I remember having to go on a hunt to find a copy of Can Control because there were only a few shops around. I just had a conversation about having to make my own fat caps "back in the day". I remember the scarcity of finding graffiti paraphernalia because it was still a sub-culture. That made us hungry for information. That's what made 12oz work so well. We hung out here because it was a wealth of information that we couldn't get instantaneously. The audience today has a hunger for instant gratification. They have a hunger for sound bytes and headlines because they have largely grown up being bombarded by media to the point that they can't consume it all, so they grab little bites here and there. Information and media are available everywhere at all times. Everything comes to you nowadays. We even have UberEats. You can have McDonald's delivered to you. You can have your groceries delivered to you. You can shop at Target and have them load it into your car while you sit on your phone. You don't have to focus on doing anything. The funny/scary thing is, business wants to target this market so badly and the only way to reach them is to penetrate that short attention span with more headlines and sound bytes. Maybe the way to get their attention is to offer them some depth? With all of that being said (not that you read it all ;)), I think it would be great for 12oz to come back. I think some people need a place to have real conversations. Keep it up.
  3. I like the idea of the headdress Haya. I would re-explore that if I were you.
  4. Some more: http://www.thecoolhunter.net/images/stories/2007pics/storiesnew2007pics/marchpics/casa5.jpg http://www.thecoolhunter.net/images/stories/2007pics/storiesnew2007pics/marchpics/casa6.jpg http://images.trendhunter.com/phpthumbnails/70100_3_468.jpeg http://images.trendhunter.com/phpthumbnails/69895_4_468.jpeg http://www.evolo.us/competition/nested-skyscraper-in-tokyo/ http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/2010/03/23/arts/23doha_CA1/23doha_CA1-popup.jpg Don't mean to turn this into an architecture thread.
  5. I think Zaha Hadid is unbeatable. There are some really good new firms out there doing some nice work: http://www.123dv.nl/home/123dv If you have an extra hour or two: http://www.thecoolhunter.net/architecture
  6. ciste


    Along with the Jaybo Monk work, this guy has great semi-abstract portraiture http://images.artnet.com/artwork_images_425677744_499319_antony-micallef.jpg Antony Micallef
  7. these snake things are really nice.
  8. The waves are looking really good Haya
  9. ciste


    Not painted yet but Im getting it ready:
  10. Thanks stalebert. It's kinda funny. I always start a painting with the intention of doing more realism but when I hold a lliner brush, I just zone out and dig into the line work.
  11. This one isn't done yet but I'm not sure where to go with it: Detail:
  12. ciste

    The Babble

    That is incredible. To see that in person would be baffling.
  13. Im really digging the 3rd one down stalebert.
  14. Painted this one yesterday.
  15. ciste


    Hey Bojangles, Is that piece done? I like the composition but the wing being so detailed is drawing the eye too much, I think. If you were going for a pelican, I think it works really well. I think on that wing, I would just reduce some detail. One of the hardest things, I think, is to integrate realism with abstract unless you are going for the conflict that they create with each other. I like the piece, those are just my initial thoughts.
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