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  1. Another classic example.. I think many more people should read threads like this.. you would think that no one would be stupid enough to do half of the things mentioned here.. but they will. Recently in the 305.. a toy crew called EP must have been reading a few too many magazines.. and they decided to try to paint trains.. so.. of course being the rail-experts they were, they instinctively painted every car with their incredibly wak throwups, made sure to cover every piece from both local and out of town writers and every set of numbers from car id to weight information and of course tons of streaks (thankfully i flicked these beforehand..) and then were polite enough to leave behind their caps as souveniers. Seems like they were so happy about the experience that they invited some other friends, who happily followed later on, and despite all of their wisdom.. managed to get caught at the spot. I was really upset to hear about that. Fucking toys killing spots. The sickest part is that some of these faggots supposedly lurk on this board, and so they most likely have read these spots about railroad do's and dont's. The next time these kids feel like letting off some steam during the long, confusing period of puberty theyre going through, I hope they stomp a fucking barbie doll instead.
  2. if youre older than 12 break every writing utensil in sight. i dont like seeing u bite the style i developed in 4th grade, either.
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