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  1. Is it just me, or am I the only one who thinks the timing on this is a little fishy?
  2. so we've heard about 3 of the 5.. 2 with this assistant and one with the foot.. what happens when someone gets it square in the forehead? or what about right in the neck?.. that would hurt..
  3. ^^^ have you got a link for that? i know a few people who would want to read this..thx..
  4. We'll get you sick and then take away your benefits... great. Desert Storm veterans along with the people of Iraq and Kuwait were victims of one of the latest military experiments on human beings. I believe that the ignorance was culpable and criminal. by Dr. Rosalie Bertell The young boy had found his nine-legged frog on the hill which served as the "experimental plot." Hunters had found a rabbit with two hearts, and the local taxidermist told me that he had tried to mount two deer heads and the fur came off in his hands in clumps. He had never seen anything like it in his whole career. Depleted uranium was used for the first time in this war. It was incorporated into tank armor, missile and aircraft counterweights and navigational devices, and in tank, anti-aircraft and anti-personnel artillery. The scientific information on this deadly chemical has been reported in "Radium Osteitis With Osteogenic Sarcoma: The Chronology and Natural History of Fatal Cases" by Dr. William D. Sharpe, Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine, Vol. 47, No. 9 (September 1971). There was no excuse for this human experimentation because the effects of this exposure were known. http://www.ccnr.org/bertell_book.html their own fuckin government gave them gulf war syndrome.. fuck'em.
  5. march31 at about 10:55 am... and it just started to fuckin snow.
  6. i'm into it.. what immediately comes to mind is the ges in the top left corner of the train. and how the fuck is using montana cheating? i don't get it.. maybe its because you don't have to do 2 or 3 coats with crap paint. could be because the colour selection is better though..
  7. muthafuckincosoe96stillrollin...
  8. there is lead everywhere, it just depends on how much is there. its classified as parts per million and you will find lead in the soil in your backyard. ^^ its also funny because the spanish tried to send a shipment over to canada about a year and a half ago and customs stoped and tested it. they did find lead in it so they sent it back to spain. the spanish did some research and developement and created a new formula because they knew they would be fucked for the north american market. it has had no problems getting through customs since then.
  9. i'm not disagreeing with you on your first point, never have, never even brought it up.. but your second point.. whoa buddy.. i was just asking you questions. you've had some seriously racist / rightwing undertones in your comments, i'm just trying to figure out if you are. Did you actually read anything else that I wrote? and you're telling me MY arguements are weak.. "Yeah lets gas all the Californians because they're spoiled bitches and they want to separate." Spoiled bitches?? .. "To be an American you can't look like anything". Now those are pretty weak arguements. I said nothing about looks, Jamaican was an example. He could have been a purple Jamaican and I could have used Irish, french, german, angolese, south african, filipino just as easily. Yes he still is a Jamaican. But because his ancestors were from Jamaica doesn't negate the fact that he was born in the states and has an American passport. And i'm not saying to forget your roots. You should never forget your roots, but you shouldn't not put down any new roots because you were born elsewhere. I was born in Canada, my parents were born here, my grandparents were born here, my great grand parents were born here, and by your logic I'm not Canadian because my family originally came from Britain and Scotland, yet I can't get either a British or a Scotish passport. You should really try for your PHD because you've got the makings of a pretty radical thesis here. The fact of the matter is people who lived in Iraq were gassed by the Iraqi gov. Whether they're Iraqis or Kurds doesn't make a difference. And the macro point of all of it... there is a fuckin crazy fuck in power over there who has really overstayed his welcome. Its time for him to retire, get put out to pasture, but this isn't neccessarily the right way to go about it. if you want to come back at me, make sure to think while you write. maybe even go back and re-read a couple things. And the caps lock is just distracting..
  10. So by this example, what you're saying is that if california wanted to separate and started to fight for it, and the government sent bombs into LA, Santa Cruz and San fran to gas people, the gassed wouldn't be considered Americans? Why? Because they wanted to separate? or are there religious, or media related implications..? Californians are no diferent than the rest of Americans, but its ok to gas them because they want to separate and they're "spoiled bitches". Thats a fuckin harsh attitude. Maybe this is better.. Utah wants to separate. They start to fight for it, the government drops some bombs into Salt Lake City, gasses thousands. They're not considered Americans because they want to separate? or because they're Mormons? Or is it because GWB just doesn't like Mormons, so he wants to get rid of the whole lot, because its them who are holding up the viewability of bare tits and bush shots on TBS...? A black person is born in America, whos roots originated in Jamaica hundreds of years ago, is a Jamaican-American, not just a Jamaican. Or you can just call him an American (due to the fact that he was born in the US, both his parents were born in the US, and all 4 of his grandparents were born in the US). Are you still not an American? does that make you expendable? The fact is it doesn't matter what you call yourself, or what somebody else calls you, or where you were born blablabla.. you were born in Iraq and you still live in Iraq, and you got gassed... By Saddam.
  11. its that attitude that is whats making the haters. and on a side note, why exactly is it that the US is "the hugest power in the history of civilization"? because you have laser guided bombs? or is it because of CNN.. Tell me exactly why its grander than the all mighty Roman Empire that ruled the earth for a little longer than 40 years. If you're not careful, you'll be the shortest lived dynasty in the history of the modern world.
  12. seriously, just get BBEDIT Here. "a high-performance HTML & text editor for the Macintosh".
  13. pretty serious assortment. just a drop in the bucket though.. and all this shit is old..
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