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    The graffiti writer known as Neck Face is a success in the art world - but he's still the bane of one Williamsburg superintendent's existence.


    Last Tuesday marked the fourth time since January the high-profile tagger spray-painted his street name across the sixth-floor facade of 65 Hope St.


    Scrawled three times in a row in big, black letters, "NECK FACE" was visible from the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.


    "I'm really p----- off - it's all the time," said building super Manny Suarez, who spent two hours dangerously perched off the roof to paint over the markings. "I really don't care who he is - he has no right to vandalize this building."


    The Nasty Neck shows up to "defend" himself (?) in the comments...

  2. Originally posted by hank scorpio@Nov 13 2004, 07:06 AM

    man what happened to this forum, used to be ill threads chalked full of freights. lately nothing??


    hahahah you sound like my grandpa. whining about the dumbest shit.


    learn to appreciate it all, son.

  3. Originally posted by Kirby p@Nov 13 2004, 12:33 AM

    that looks photoshopped as fuck.


    *on a side note I've always wanted to pimp out a cushman


    nope, its jsut really saturated. i took these flix in sunset park, which is called tha tfor a reason- bright light!

  4. since neckface has become the newest "cool thing" people like inkhead are jsut gonna catch shit about biting neckface.  vers and hefner


    If your in NY you know Inkhead was writing way before neckface, and you

    know that Inkhead actually has a handstyle. don't compare apple and oranges


    i know this, im just saying outside of newyork anyone who saw inkhead would probably just think of neckface, im not saying thats right, all im saying is thats what happens when one writer (neckface) puts out books and is recognized on a national level. there is no argument coming from me and no comparison, just a comment. and now i will drop this.


    fuck neckface. IH1 #1

  5. Trying to find more info about these paste-ups I've been finding all over my hood. This sort of stuff doesn't generally make it so far uptown, so I was jazzed to find it. Any info about "wreck" or other similar work would be appreciated...






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