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  1. yaah yaaah i do my stickers in the daytime... i dun really care what people think. fuck em... heh thanks ive posted alot more stickers just i never have my camera on me ya kno how it is.. tomorrow im spraying up a wall in the daytime ill have a pic of that if it all goes down well:crazy:
  2. ahhh... Nothing wrong with putting graffiti in the suburbs. its where i live. im not riding to queens to put up a couple bombs lol yes i took pictures of the stickers im new there just my first, i wanna remember em ya kno?
  3. here some quick sticks i = newbie http://optic.hybridnetwork.net/stickerup1.jpg'> http://optic.hybridnetwork.net/stickerup2.jpg'> http://optic.hybridnetwork.net/stickerup3.jpg'>
  4. Stickerrrs! My first few http://optic.hybridnetwork.net/collect.jpg'> http://optic.hybridnetwork.net/stickuhSAW.jpg'> Im from Long island NY... the isssland im hopin to get graf strong outhere im workin im workin... ive new to this hole concept so bear wimme:crazy:
  5. TWSsaw

    Stickers, SAW

    I added that second set I got some postals did that tonite..... tryin new colors i dont like green and red lol eeew:rolleyes:
  6. TWSsaw

    Stickers, SAW

    Im new at this whole writer thing, I did this sticker last nite what ya think? http://optic.hybridnetwork.net/stickuhSAW.jpg'> http://optic.hybridnetwork.net/collect.jpg'> word?:crazy:
  7. True Ya i kno LI isnt good for graffiti even though its in new york but i really wanna learn im tryin im tryin i got some new shit http://optic.hybridnetwork.net/sawbook2.jpg'>
  8. I think it I think im terrible :-
  9. I did something new I just did this aswell..... http://optic.hybridnetwork.net/sawbook.jpg'>
  10. Im a new writer from LI NY, Im interested in this lemme kno wat ya think compared to all yall it kinda sucks but still eh : http://optic.hybridnetwork.net/sawu.jpg
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