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  1. "Fed up with ugliness. I want a more civil world for my two daughters. " I fucked his 2 daughters in the ass and then tagged their face with the jizz..fuckin loser!



    yo repost that shit! cant see anything and the links dont work!

  2. sick post man!! really..

    that crae is fuckin hawt


    i think the conservators will come in.. i dont share their values, but it could help prevent the separation of provinces since they wants to give more power to the provinces..i would love if canada stays together, we need to keep our family tight to protect ourself from those silly neighbours!

  3. niceee solid for posting these. i saw a new dabs burner this last week downtown , im sure he came back recently


    hey homie im still waiting for that pack of reefers from the westcoast mannn. c'mon i wanna see it haha peace

  4. dammit popppy!!! what the fuck!?!? you crazy GUY!!!! thats next level posting mann. im telling all yall in case you didnt figured it out yet this guy is one of the realest fanatic in this game! i feel that attitude too homie, and i wish more writers thought the same.



    caught one of your burner not longer than this week, deooope


    post was fucking crazy, you could have just started a website and update it for 2 years with all this.







    norms..always catch him on the lines too, especially in the reefer season!

    sick jerms


    im sticking up with cookies tonight..fuck cold spaghetti!

  5. hey GUYS! this is just about putting spraypaint on fuckin metal boxes that carry merchandise, that nobody really care about it except us that do it.. after all we're all losers for waisting so much time doing this shit and talking about it. doesnt matter if your more up and you've been waisting more time than someone else to do it , the reason we do it is because we think its fun..not to get in fights.. maybe you could have spent a little more time learning how to be civilized instead of waisting it in the yards that much

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