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  1. helmz

    shapeshifters..robone benefit show..last nite

    incubus was fucking amazing live i went to lollapalooza last week, jurassic5 was mad dope you forgot audioslave ;p but i really dont remember anything, goddamn weed :D
  2. helmz

    Baseball cards

    i have a 1969 Willie Mays card :P thats my fav. even tho its not baseball i have a 1968 Wilt Chamberlin card
  3. helmz


    she hated my tie until she found out it was 100% metaboolic - metafeelic. how bout a lil tie music- Peters tie , peters tie , wut a really great guyyyyy . hey theres a lil tie music peter . youve been wearing that big foam cowboy hat for the past 6 months . PLEASE for your family take it off i can take it off . i just dont wanna..... GET AWAY!
  4. helmz

    Chicago's Blackbook's/Sketches

    the blue guy has a rather large penis :lol:
  5. helmz

    my passbook....

    no thats a cartoon char. by Vaughn Bode
  6. helmz

    Chicago's Blackbook's/Sketches