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  1. Oi oi! Eyegasm is finally back with an update. Check it out if you dig Russia and/or funky fresh Yowin from Barcelona. Preview:
  2. Hi there! Eyegasm is updated with 180 mixed European trains. Next update will be subway special #100 31/12. Please mail me your subways before saturday. Merry christmas! http://www.graffiti.org/eyegasm
  3. It's been a while since my last update. My computer crashed, I ordered new parts, sat on my ass and waited. The problem was that the company I ordered the parts from where incompetent assholes. After waiting for 3-weeks (it should have taken 3-5 days maximum) I canceled my order and ordered from a new company instead. To make a long story short, eyegasm is updated! I havenät announced any updates here for a while either so I figured I'd tell you guys the site is back on the map. I updated with Swiss and Danish trains, here is a preview! Switzerland
  4. Long time no see! Before I get this thing started I just want to ask for some help to make the annual x-mas special as good as it usually is. What I need is suggestions, flicks(!), someone to interview maybe? Well I dunno. All I know is that I can not make it all on my own. Eyegasm - Your yard online! Anyway, this time I updated with subways from Italy. Here is a little preview: The front from Milan. Superdope Chaos Rocks Sake-Zeal Roxen wholecar Tisko Fresh Worn Wu Tang
  5. Eyegasm is updated with 30 subways from Amsterdam! Preview:
  6. Eyegasm is updated, oi oi oi! This week it's subways from Italy. Preview:
  7. E Y E G A S M is updated again, this time with subways from London and Glasgow. Preview: First hit on the Glasgow subway:
  8. Thanx man! I think next update will be all about Paris subway for sure:)
  9. Oi! I'm back with french trains. 155 goodies, mainly 2004-2005 stuff. Fuck freights! Preview:
  10. Home Time The update only has 13 flicks, didn't wanna post em all here so i figured 6 was kinda ok. If you've seen my previous threads you know I usually post alot more.
  11. Nuff said :p Lille: Lyon: Marseille: Paris:
  12. Eyegasm is back, this time with french trains! Preview:
  13. Ah that's true. Didn't know A-dam was a faomus target coz of its history(I know the history ofcourse:)). And yeah, many flicks, many recent flicks. Working on the x-mas special now. Hope I will make it in time. I work as a firework salesman too so I got busy days now:/
  14. This has been one of the most popular updates in 2004 with 1390 unique visitors so far today. I dunno if this is coz a-dam subs are usually kinda rare (dutch trains in general are not that usual on eyegasm) or if it's coz I announced the update 2 weeks in advance. Maybe a combination:)
  15. Hi there! Eyegasm is updated with a shitload of dutch trains. 105 trains + 45 subways! All subways are really recent but most of the trains are a little bit older. Click on the truth to see the upate. Freights aren't real trains! Preview of the subs:
  16. Some ppl say that the hit above isn't really the first hit, and that the first hit will be in a coming movie, but I dunno, could be toys talking shit as usual (read it in a forum:)).
  17. Eyegasm is updated with 220 trains from Poland! Next weekend there will be a subwayspecial as usual, and weäre preparing for a big swedish x-mas special as usual. Fuck hiphop & freights! Preview:
  18. Eyegasm is back with trains from Russia and Belarus. Lots of crap but some cream too! Fuck freights! Preview: ¨ ¨
  19. De la cruz Yeah I know some of them are trashtrains but are you 100% sure the Ser is made in a computer? Thanx for telling me, sometimes I'm too stressed to notice these things. The 2 trains that weren't subways has now been removed.
  20. Eyegasm is updated with 50+ subways from London! Instead of freights! Preview:
  21. Eyegasm is updated with 50 trains from Slovakia. tjoek tjoek Preview:
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