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  1. yeah my bad, blurryness dont do the shadings justice, hell, ill just wait till i get a scanner or some shit befo im up in this shiat again... peace nonetheless
  2. aight.. havent posted in awhile, but jibbin it up will do that to a nigga.. screwing around with random solid backgrounds and whatnots.. not feeling the letter structure too much, im more down with throwstyle quickletterings.. never much of a "piecer" per se.. anyways.. work progess flixXx.. (apologies for shitty webcam quality snaps) http://digitalnova.net/~krial/cooey/squaredotproduction/sqaredotprod1.JPG'> http://digitalnova.net/~krial/cooey/squaredotproduction/sqaredotprod2.JPG'> http://digitalnova.net/~krial/cooey/squaredotproduction/sqaredotprodwhole.JPG'> backgrounded with crayola insanity.. http://digitalnova.net/~krial/cooey/squaredotproduction/finished1.JPG'> http://digitalnova.net/~krial/cooey/squaredotproduction/finished2.JPG'> http://digitalnova.net/~krial/cooey/squaredotproduction/finishedwhole.JPG'> ^shit done for some kid i know.. think im gonna go back to the sketchbook and hit up some more solid interesting letterstyles till the next jam.. peace
  3. and this matters how? other than the fact that i own your foreign ass? ok, right. thanks. :D
  4. haha. i agree with greensleeves.. anyways.. links suck.. i also wonder why when i clicked them, they opened a new window to this same post.. ARE YUO A COMPUTAR HACKAR?!? interesting shit tho.. post more.. peace.
  5. haha word. congrats to you also, epik. cant believe there be so many graff kids out there that are expecting.. shit is dope.. hopefully i can add all y'all to my msn and aim shizz, since y'all be expecting before me, hopefully i can get some pointers and shit, kinda like THE YARD part of this site.. :lol: oh and might i add: SLAM!!!!!!!111111111
  6. ^^ definitely.. im feeling the third one also.. might i suggest you draw more and post them here when they're done.. good luck&peace.
  7. hey word to that shit!!! congratulations!! ours is march 12th-ish of next year.. good luck with that shit, and you best be posting some flix around here somewhere once that happens.. im in the process of downloading the aim (been meaning to do it for ages anyways).. ill def hit you up on that soon! again congrats and peace.:D :cool:
  8. im told there are some works in progress following along the same lines as #2 and i will post them in this thread accordingly. peace
  9. 7 weeks today man. we found out 4 days ago. crazy! i would have made a post over there but i didnt think anybody would care.. peace!
  10. http://digitalnova.net/~krial/cooey/pics/noum.jpg'> :D
  11. noum you rock me on a daily basis. what about the hand. im happy with it in the second flik (not that its my place to say much) thanks for the replies anyways. http://digitalnova.net/~krial/cooey/pics/noum2.jpg'> :king:
  12. noum man, i dont see your point dawg.. the girlfriend happens to enjoy the markers and crayons in various orifaces of my body, she says it adds to the pleasure! while on the topic of such, peep the dope production i put together in her belly: http://digitalnova.net/~krial/cooey/cooeybaby/ultrasound1.jpg'> y'all cant touch this! :lol: :lol: :king: again i just cannot believe how fucking horribly i have been burned. christ. :eek: :o
  13. actually, pretty much. far from experts tho. seriously, more like a few kids sitting around filling in some dead time drawing silly pictures and trying to develop styles. where's the harm in that? peace.
  14. jesus christ man. finally your entry showed up for me. even with "snew" backing me, you manage to rock my shit yet again. FUCK YOU MAN. FUCK YOU REAL GOOD. clearly it is obvious who deserves to be crowned in this week's adventure :( :mad: fuck you and your horribly wonderful stylings... but it was a fun ride!!! :lol: peace man.
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